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The video game is a great sequel to the movies

With the long awaited release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, fans are still surprised to have an actual third post in the beloved series. However, before The afterlife, there was a piece of Ghostbusters story that could be considered the original Ghostbusters III.

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In 2009 Ghostbusters: The Video Game surprised fans of the franchise by releasing a movie-licensed game that not only respected the source material, but was so much fun that it received a remaster in 2019. So what was it that got fans drawn to this surprising gem in Ghostbusters franchise?


The game takes place after Ghostbusters II

The Ghostbusters using slime launchers at the museum in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Instead of trying to take the first movie and translate it into video game format, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a brand new story that takes place in 1991 after the events of Ghostbusters II. Not only that, but it’s a story written by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd himself.

Since it was apparently impossible to get a real one Ghostbusters III from the ground up, it made sense to let Ramis and Aykroyd put their ideas into play. The result is a story that very much like Ghostbusters: Afterlife, follows up on events that happened in the first film.

The player feels like part of the team

The Rookie takes on the Proton Pack for the first time in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

The opportunity to play as one of the four famous Ghostbusters would have been nice as everyone has their personal favorite. However, the developers were smart to introduce a silent protagonist known as Rookie, a new cadet for Ghostbusters to learn the ropes.

This character allows the player to feel immersed and like a member of this iconic team. Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, the always quoted Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore are the mentors who guide the player while giving some laughs. In a way, the player becomes a friend to these characters, and it is a privilege to be among them.

The original cast returns

The original Ghostbusters reunited in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

This is really the last time the four actors repeated their roles. This was before the tragic passing of Harold Ramis, and he, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray all returned to vote for the characters. Egon himself is probably the most involved when it comes to training the Rookie as well.

While the cast all return and honor Harold Ramis Ghostbusters: Afterlife, it’s still satisfying actually to hear Harold Ramis as Egon Spengler one last time in the game. Even William Atherton returns as the always disgusting, yet entertaining Walter Peck. The reunion of all these actors helps the game to feel real as one Ghostbusters successor.

Expands On The Lore

Egon, Ray and Rookie in the Ghost Dimension in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Since Ghostbusters: The Video Game places great emphasis on the ghosts and return of elements from the first film, more information is given. For example, the librarian ghost known as the Gray Lady gets a disturbing background story before Ghostbusters actually catches her.

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The character Ivo Shandor gets more focus, and his zealous dedication to Gozer brings a lot of darker elements to the story. There are new ghosts, new entities, and the ghost busts go into the ghost dimension and thus stay Ghostbusters: The Video Game from becoming a repeat of the films.

Familiar but fresh

Rookie Fight Stay Puft in Ghostbusters The Video Game

Fans of the first two films are not alienated from the experience as Ghostbusters: The Video Game contains many known elements. The first mission causes the Ghostbusters to return to the Sedgewick Hotel to fight Slimer again. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man returns as a boss fight.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game honors the original film, but for everything it listens back to, it adds new elements. For example, Stay Puft is defeated in a new method, Gozerian threats return, but Gozer is swapped out with Ivo Shandor himself, and Sedgewick Hotel gets much more to do than just catch Slimer.

Really funny

Venkman, Ray and Rookie are stuck in the elevator at the Sedgewick Hotel in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

With the original writers working on the game, it’s not just blasting ghosts; the four Ghostbusters retain the comedy for which they are famous. They all get their chance to shine and give laughs to the audience that suits the style Ghostbusters and does not take away from the darker elements.

It’s not just intermediate sequences either, Ghostbusters all have their own jokes during battles with ghosts and boss fights. Even the Rookie makes a few scenes make players laugh with just his expressions and reactions to what is happening.

Tons of fan service

Ghostbusters fights the Gray Lady librarian ghost in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Easter egg hunters are going to have fun Ghostbusters: The Video Game. The rookie features a PKE Meter and Ray’s famous goggles that allow the player to scan various objects and ghosts logged into Tobin’s Spirit Guide to help the player learn more about lore.

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The Ghostbusters Firehouse has other references, such as the team that stores Vigo’s painting from Ghostbusters II. Janine Melnitz returns with Annie Potts giving the voice, the boss fight with the giant Slor is a direct reference to a retort from the first film, and even the inclusion of Ivo Shandor is fan service.

Preserves horror elements

The Rookie Fighting Spider Witch in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Like the first two films, the ghosts are a mix of cartoon-like colorful and genuinely disturbing, from the Fisherman ghost in the first act to the direct horror-film-like Spider Witch. There is even an island created by Ivo Shandor that would not feel out of place in one Castlevania game.

These things help to make more efforts for Ghostbusters’ situation, but also help motivate the work of blasting ghosts and demonic entities. The ghosts are not just mild nuisances, they are actual threats to the people of New York City and / or the entire world.

Blasting ghosts feels good

Ghostbusters fire their streams against Ivo Shandor in Ghostbusters The Video Game

It can not be a proper Ghostbusters play without firing currents from a nuclear accelerator at the back. Does anyone make you feel comfortable by blowing up a ghost? Yes. From the iconic unstable look of streams that fans know and love, to the sound effects, using a Proton Pack is satisfying.

The player must work with the other Ghostbusters to quarrel with a ghost, slap them around to weaken them, and then lower them into a trap. From start to finish, the gameplay makes the player really feel like a Ghostbuster.

Who does not love upgrades?

The Ghostbusters fire the Dark Matter stream in Ghostbusters The Video Game

Egon and Ray always found ways to upgrade the team in both of the original films. It even goes over to Aafterlife with the unveiling of things such as the shooting seat for the Ecto-1 and RC Ghost Trap. Before The afterlife, Ghostbusters: The Video Game delivered a host of upgrades.

Ecto-1 got a large top-mounted trap known as the Super Slammer to catch many ghosts. The proton package itself received many upgrades, such as a manual cooling system, different proton firing modes for different effects, a slime dispensing unit and more.

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