The Wolverine Variant Cover shows Logan’s best costumes ever

All of Wolverine’s best costumes collide in a stunning variant cover from artist Russell Dauterman with the hero’s best looks.

Warning! Potential spoilers for X Lives of Wolverine # 5 by Marvel Comics

Some of Wolverines best costumes ever collide in a stunning new Marvel Comics variant cover from Russell Dauterman with some of the most iconic looks the hero has ever had. Dauterman shared his upcoming cover for X Lives of Wolverine # 5, which shows the many different costumes Wolverine has worn over the years in a single stunning image.

Since joining the mutant super team in X-Men in giant size # 1 by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum, Wolverine has become one of the most popular mutants ever. Despite its relatively short height, Wolverine is incredibly powerful. His adamantium-coated claws (and bones) and healing factor make him a deadly member of the X-Men, who is largely immortal – even before Krakoa’s mutant resurrection protocol. Since debuting more than 40 years ago, Wolverine has had many different iterations of his current costume – with some of his best looks captured in the stunning cover of Dauterman.


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On his Twitter account, artist Russell Dauterman shared his upcoming variant cover for Marvel’s X Lives of Wolverine # 5. The cover has different versions of Wolverine hitting the same menacing pose as he is ready to battle with his claws without holster. Among the best versions of Wolverine include his iconic yellow and black costume front-and-center, his eye-patch and tuxedo patch look, his darker X-Force the costume, helmet and cords he wore while escaping Weapon X, and his stealth costume with black eye paint over his eyes.

The Wolverine cover is not the first time Dauterman has drawn an X-Men character’s costume story on a single cover. He has recently made a similar cover for Psylocke, which contains many costumes that the ninja killer has worn since he was introduced, as well as one with many costumes that Jean Gray / Marvel Girl has had since his debut in X-Men # 1. But his perhaps best cover in this style comes from SWORD # 8, where Dauterman drew the various costumes Storm has worn as part of an epic variant cover that shows many of the powerful hero’s different looks. Dauterman has an ability to bring to life the most iconic costumes X-Men heroes have ever worn.

Seeing all of Wolverine’s best costumes in a single cover shows how far the character has come since his debut in Incredible Hulk # 181. Logan has evolved into one of the most iconic comic book heroes, and his incredible costumes have over the years helped make the character among the most instantly recognizable members of the X-Men. Dauterman’s cover for Marvel’s upcoming X Lives of Wolverine # 5 (out in March) with the best in the lead role wolverine costumes ever, is a must-pick-up for fans of the hero.

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