This 17 minute Stardew Valley speedrun starts with destruction

Games Done Quickly closes tomorrow, and one of the best races of the past week was for Stardew Valley. Speedrunner Olenoname completed the agricultural simulator in 17 minutes using a mix of flaws and extreme skills.

To get a sense of what they expect, the race begins with the player taking advantage of a mistake to bring up the inventory menu during a cutscene so they can throw away their farming tools. Although it probably starts already before that, where the main character is named after a large number of item codes.

You can watch the entire race in the Twitch stream below if you jump to around 26:11:00:

There are glitch and no-glitch speedrunners, but I tend to prefer the former. At first glance, it may seem like it would be easier to complete a game quickly with exploits, but the exploits that speedrunners find tend to be both bizarre and difficult to perform. It’s also just more fun to watch a Stardew Valley player complete the game by, for example, instantly blowing up their garden the second they see it for some reason.

Awesome Games Done Quick is a speedrunning marathon held twice a year, with donations to charity during the stream. It’s been running for almost a week now, and at the time of writing it has raised $ 2.3 million (about £ 1.6 million). You can see which speedruns are yet to come on the full AGDQ schedule.

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