Thor Has Traded Mjolnir For The Odinsword in Marvel Comics

For centuries the Mighty Thor has wielded the enchanted hammer Mjolnir – but now he’s trading it for a new weapon, the all-powerful Odinsword.

This article contains spoilers for Thor # 22.

The mighty Thor has traded Flour… for the Odinsword, his father’s legendary weapon. For centuries Thor has wielded the fabled hammer Mjolnir, using it to focus his own power as God of Thunder and unknowingly tapping into the additional power of the God-Tempest contained within it. Although his enchanted hammer was briefly destroyed, during Jason Aaron’s War of the Realms Thor reforged Mjolnir, expecting it to be more powerful than ever before.

Unfortunately the power of the God-Tempest resided within the sun, and Donny Cates, Nic Klein and Matt Wilson’s current Thor run has revealed something went badly wrong when Thor reforged Mjolnir. He did not just draw in the power of the God-Tempest – but also that of the Mangog, the god-destroying creature Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor had cast into the sun as well. All this means Mjolnir has gone rogue, wreaking havoc on an unprecedented scale. But in Thor # 22, Mjolnir unwittingly forces Thor to gain a power-up – and claim a brand new weapon to replace it.


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A badly-wounded Odin has allowed himself to slip away, passing all the power of the Odinforce to Thor. With the Odinforce comes a new weapon, previously known as the Odinsword but presumably to be renamed as the Thorsword. Sometimes known as the “Over Sword of Asgard,” the blade’s origin is the stuff of legend and in some counts the entire universe would die should it ever be drawn. Although its power is insufficient to kill a Celestial, the Odinsword was reforged and has appeared several times since. It now appears to be Thor’s new weapon.

Thor Odinsword

The Odinsword’s powers have always been ambiguous, and it’s exciting to see it brought to the foreground once again. At the same time, though, it’s quite possible it will prove insufficient to deal with the God-Tempest – after all, Odin himself initially fought the God-Tempest to a standstill more than 1,000,000 years ago, but was only able to triumph through having enchanted Uru on hand to contain its power. It’s reasonable to assume Thor will win, but likely because of his own abilities and character, not because of his power.

Looking forward, hopefully the Odinsword – or the Thorsword perhaps – will replace Flour as Thor’s primary weapon. That would certainly shake up Thor’s lore, finally confirming he really isn’t the God of Hammers at all. It would mean readers finally get a chance to see what the Odinsword can do, while no doubt it would also point to even greatest cosmic threats going forward. Thor may well soon learn he is not quite as mighty as he believed – and neither was his father Odin.

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