Thor Used Mjolnir’s Forgotten Power to Outdo His MCU Humiliation

Thor and Loki have always had an odd relationship, and in an older comic featuring the two, Thor humiliates Loki worse than his MCU counterpart!

In an old issue of The Avengers, Thor uses his trusty hammer, Flourto humiliate Loki in a way thats far funnier than what his MCU counterpart subjects him to in the movies! Good thing for Loki and his supervillain street cred though, because this particular Mjolnir-related incident most likely won’t find its way into an Avengers sequel anytime soon.

Seen way back in 1989’s The Avengers # 300, the second story of this landmark issue, written by Ralph Macchio and illustrated by Walt Simonson, sees Loki reminiscing on his first battle with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, as he stews alone on the Isle of Silence. Mulling over his defeat, Loki tells readers a truncated version of these events and reveals how he used an illusion of Hulk to bring Thor to attention as well as how he accidentally set into motion a series of events that would see the Avengers finally team-up to bring Loki down for good.


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Drawing Thor away from his colleagues, Loki and his godly brother do battle far away from the civilized world, with Loki summoning a troll to pin Thor down in the hopes of ending the fight as soon as it has begun. But being the almighty God of Thunder, Thor summons some lightning to break free, and as he sets his sights on Loki, he shows fans a humiliating way to utilize Mjolnir’s forgotten power on Marvel’s God of Mischief.

Thor flies Loki with Mjolnir

Striking Mjolnir on the ground before him, Thor’s hammer inexplicably begins to draw Loki toward it like a cosmic tractor beam. And as Loki, bewildered and confused, is pulled to The God of Thunder, waist belt first, Thor exclaims, “Simple magnetic current will draw thee to me!” telling and showing fans that Mjolnir’s forgotten power is its magnetism! Going on to attach a humiliated Loki to the head of Mjolnir by his belt, Thor finishes out this embarrassing incident by flying Loki back to Earth as is to contend with the rest of the Avengers, outdoing Thor’s mortification of the MCU’s version of Loki in the process.

Battling it out on Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge during the climax of Thor’s 2011 solo film, Thor eventually places Mjolnir on Loki’s chest and pins him to the ground in a way that he can not readily recover from as Loki is a far cry from being worthy enough to lift the hammer in the first place. Having far fewer limits on it in terms of its power use in the early days of Thor’s career, Mjolnir’s magnetism isn’t an ability that’s seen all that often, but when it is – and especially when being used against Loki – it becomes so powerfully humiliating that it makes total sense as to why Loki hates his brother, and his trusty hammer, so fiercely.

So while both instances in comics and film are hilariously humiliating on their own, being carried all the way to Earth attached to Thor’s weapon of choice is probably one of Loki’s most embarrassing experiences he’s had with his brother by far. Thor‘s Flour is a wild weapon to wield, and as Loki can attest, it’s magnetically mortifying too!

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