Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir gets a big change in new Spider-Man transformation

Thor becomes Spider-Man with a new costume and gross powers in a fantastic new remix variant cover that makes Marvel’s God of Thunder a web-slinger.

Warning! Spoilers for Thor # 24 by Marvel Comics below

The god of thunder gets a gross Spider Man twist with Mjolnir in a brand new coverart from the Marvel Comics combination Thor and the web-slinger. Declan Shalvey’s stunning Spider-Man / Thor crossover art was among the variant covers recently unveiled as part of Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary celebration at Marvel Comics. In addition, the publisher will release several other covers where Spider-Man becomes new versions of other famous heroes as part of the series of variants.

Marvel Comics goes big for Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary at Marvel Comics. The hero first appeared in Fantastic Fantasy # 15 by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby back in 1962. Spider-Man would become one of the most important, influential and beloved fictional pop culture figures in history. To celebrate the incredible brand, Marvel has commissioned a variety of covers showing that Spider-Man will be other Marvel heroes, including Silver Surfer from Rod Reis, Carnage from Kyle Hotz and Alex Guimaraes, Iron Man from Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding and Edgar Delgado and Captain Marvel from David Baldeon and Israel Silva. One of the eye-catching designs comes from Declan Shalvey’s Thor / Spider-Man combination hero, where the worthy web-slinger possesses a rough version of Mjolnir.


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On a cover of Declan Shalvey for Thor # 24 as part of Marvel’s 60th anniversary special for Spider-Man, the God of Thunder becomes web-slinger. In the cover art, however, Mjolnir gets a rough power. Instead of powerful lightning-fat balls and thunderous blows, the hammer appears to shoot out reinforced webbing. Mjolnir is surrounded by the sticky stuff as he makes a menacing pose on the variant cover.


The Spider-Man redesign and cover art for Thor by Shalvey is excellent. Giving him a Spider-Man-like red and black design, with a silver helmet with a black spider and the hero’s trademark, bright white eyes looks great. It’s rude to get Mjolnir to shoot out powerful lightning bolts, but it would certainly be a force that a Spider-Man / Thor hybrid hero could have. In addition, it would be an effective move against villains as it could bind them and electrocute them simultaneously.

Hopefully Marvel Comics decides to make one Spider verse-like event with these new Spider-Man crossover characters because most of the designers are too cool to have the same cover art. Thor, who uses Mjolnir and has greater powers, is certainly something readers would love to see in action. That Spider-Man / Thor crossover variant from Declan Shalvey to Thor # 24 arrives in comic book stores on April 13, 2022.

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