After a pandemic-induced rest on the wedding circuit, many couples finally feel safe enough to gather with family and friends to celebrate their love. People in the company call it “wedding boom.“The happy couple will walk away from the big day with many things: memories, a recent marriage and traditionally a lot of gifts. But what buys an out of practice wedding guest for bridal couples in these unprecedented times? The couple’s wedding register is often a good place to start: Many committed people show up online wish lists on sites like The Knot.

But what if your favorite potential bridal couple does not have a registry, or has not created one yet? We are here to help, no matter how much money you want to spend. Fortunately, many traditional wedding gifts are still very much in play in 2021. Household items and kitchen upgrades are a perennial favorite. The same goes for honeymoon and travel-related items.

We made a list of wedding gift ideas for every budget (and we mean anyone budget) so you can spend less time shopping and more time relaxing in all that love provides.

So without further ado, here comes the bride-approved wedding gifts.

Under $ 25: Patchwork monogram tea towel

monogram tea towels

Urban Outfitters

For those couples who want to share a last name soon, a monogrammed tea towel is a sweet and meaningful addition to kitchen decor. This series of embroidered towels is exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Patchwork monogram tea towel, $ 12

Between $ 25 and $ 50: Picnic basket for two

a woman is lying on a picnic rug next to a picnic basket and food.

Zormy via Amazon

Send your favorite happy couple on a picnic, the original al fresco dining experience. This two-person picnic basket comes with plates, utensils and an insulated compartment to keep drinks and perishable items chilled perfectly. While the promotions last, this picnic basket is marked with $ 4 off the list price on Amazon.

Picnic basket for two, $ 46

Between $ 50 and $ 75: Bloomscape’s Tough Stuff Plant Collection


This three-plant collection, from the houseplant suppliers at Bloomscape, includes three maintenance-worthy starter plants: a snake plant, a ZZ plant and a hoya. Bloomscape orders have a 30-day warranty: If the plants die within a month of their arrival, Bloomscape will replace them free of charge.

Bloomscapes Tough Stuff Collection, $ 69

Between $ 75 and $ 100: A pair of oversized Pendleton towels

Pendleton via Backcountry

Treat your newlyweds with a major towel upgrade. These oversized (40 x 70 inch) velor cotton towels are great for any occasion, from lying on a sunny beach to gathering for a dip in a hot tub.

Large Pendleton Towels, $ 50

Between $ 100 and $ 150: SodaStream Terra Hydration Pack

SodaStream Terra Hydration Pack


Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of cold, carbonated drinks upon request. The Terra Hydration Pack comes with a sparkling water machine, a carbon dioxide cylinder, three dishwasher safe 1-liter bottles; two dishwasher safe bottles; and a small bottle of SodaStreams Limebubly flavor drops.

SodaStream Terra Hydration Pack, $ 142

Between $ 150 and $ 200: Ulysses 28-inch spinner case

Ulisse 28-inch spinner case

Ulisse via Knuden

This expandable, hard-sided suitcase will hold everything a couple of lovebirds need for a whirlwind adventure. With a size of 28 inches, this large luggage option is too large to be carried, but it is just the right size for packing clothes and other necessities for a honeymoon.

Ulisse 28-inch spinner case, $ 179

Between $ 200 and $ 250: Coleman six-person WeatherMaster tent with screen space

Coleman counts

Coleman via Amazon

For the outdoor couple, this spacious tent will accommodate up to six campers – or especially a combination of campers and dogs. This tent also has an attached screen room, perfect for bug-free lounging. The tent is 6 feet-8 inches high in the middle, and the footprint measures 11 feet by 9 feet.

Coleman six-person WeatherMaster tent with screen space, $ 240

Between $ 250 and $ 300: Delta Airlines Travel Gift Card

Davide Angelini / EyeEm / Getty Images

If the couple you are shopping for has been together for a while, they may not be need any new kitchen appliances. They could probably well spend a good holiday. This is where you come in. On, you can buy Delta Airlines gift cards and Southwest Airlines gift cards up to a value of $ 275. And with this thoughtful gift, your newlyweds can finance their dream honeymoon. Just do not be surprised when they bring you a souvenir.

Delta Airlines gift card

Southwest Airlines gift card

Between $ 300 and $ 500: 5-quart Le Creuset braise pan

5-quart Le Creuset braising pan

Le Creuset

No wedding gift guide would be complete with this infinitely useful, easy-to-clean, universal pan. And it is so beautiful, it acts as a kitchen decor and adds a candy-colored pop to the stove.

5-quart Le Creuset braising, $ 365

Gifts $ 500 and up: Gas outdoor pizza oven

Ooni Koda gas powered outdoor pizza oven

Ooni via West Elm

We have three words for you: outdoor pizza oven. If you are in the process of changing lives with your gifts, this should do the trick. This oven reaches 950 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 15 minutes. The pizzas are cooked in about 60 seconds.

Ooni Koda gas powered outdoor pizza oven, $ 600

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