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Thunderbolt comes out to play and we learn more about how he works

Thunderbolt made its debut on Stargirl this week and we learn something surprising.

[CAUTION: This post contains spoilers for Stargirl Season 2 Episode 3: Summer School: Chapter Three]

Johnny Thunder made his first live-action appearance in the flashback opening of the episode. He and Pat are put on the sidelines from the fight with ISA. Alone in this scene, we get a sense that Johnny is a lonely man, and that’s how his beloved sidekick, Thunderbolt, came into his life. Although the OG Justice Society was his family, he felt he could not live up to them and saw himself as a sidekick. In other words, the JSA had to clean up his and Thunderbolt’s’ mess.

Later in the episode, we completely meet Johnny’s girlfriend when he gets Pat’s son, Mike, to see the words ‘So Cool’ written around town while out on his paper route. The young Dugan could not prevent himself from saying the two little words, and brought Thunderbolt out to play, and oh boy! It was so great to hear Jim Gaffigan’s voice in such a funny character!

The whole experience with Thunderbolt and what attracts him to his masters was unexpected. The genius tells Pat that he remembered Johnny’s last wish the night he died. He waited eleven years to get the new friend and explains that he chose Mike because of his loneliness.

Cindy and Eclipso

Although none of the villains show up, we learn that The Shade is looking for Eclipso. We got a hint as to why he was back in the Blue Valley in the previous section when he asks Barbara to give him access to the Zarick inventory. However, it was confirmed this week and even if it should scare us, it does not.

Now we know next week, according to the episode guide on Stargirl Fandom, Artemis will be the first ISA legacy Cindy is trying to recruit. We also get a confrontation between The Shade and Courtney and he will give her much needed information.

A high sign that Swift may not be a bad guy is his concern. His last words in the episode are, “He’s going to kill those kids”.

Barbara informs Pat that the box Swift stole from the storage unit contained a black diamond. The mention of this piece of ‘costume jewelry’ makes the sidekick worry.

Meanwhile, Beth confided in Rick that her parents would potentially divorce. Suddenly, Chuck is reactivated. Despite snot recognizing her best friend, AI says her danger is threatening as Eclipso is now in the Blue Valley.

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