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Tokyo 24th Ward Trailer reveals new anime from director of JoJo’s

Naokatsu Tsuda and CloverWorks join forces on a brand new anime adventure


The new trailer for Tokyo 24th Division (Tokyo 24-ku in Japanese) has just been dropped and it’s a bit of a teaser as it does not reveal anything about the plot. The show is a brand new anime from the director Naokatsu Tsuda (of JoJos bizarre adventure fame), and it is produced by CloverWorks.

The trailer itself is only a minute long, but it manages to introduce the three main characters: Ran Akagi (pronounced by Yuma Uchida), Koki Siudo (Kaito Ishikawa), and Shuta Aoi (Junya Enoki). Based on the trailer and the artwork, it looks like the green-haired character is the group’s nerdy, tense “Donatello”; the redhead is the wild, crazy “Raphael” type; and their blue-haired leader wears the color and personality of the “Leonardo” archetype.

Original anime is always a gamble as there is no source material to know if the story is good or not but the staff at Tokyo 24th Division is promising. Plus the best anime of the last few years (OddTaxi anyone?) have been purely original stories.

Tokyo-24.  department

Image via CloverWorks

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“24th Ward” is actually the nickname of the island where our intrepid heroes live. The island’s actual name is Far East Special District Outside of the Law – which is something of a mouthful, so we understand why it has a more convenient nickname. These three friends have very different personalities and interests, but their lasting relationship continues to bring them back together – until a “certain event” occurs, ie. A year after that incident, a mysterious phone call sets in motion a chain of events that will change the lives of the three young men forever.

Tokyo 24th Division is scheduled to debut in January 2022. See for yourself the trailer below.

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