Tom Holland praises Zendaya for the fashion award in cute Instagram post

Tom Holland’s latest Instagram post praises in an adorable way his Spider-Man co-star, Zendaya, for her Fashion Icon of the Year Award at the CFDAs in 2021.

Just when it seemed Tom Holland’s support Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star, Zendaya, could not be more adorable, he is back with yet another tribute praising her latest fashion award. Holland and Zendaya will play together in the upcoming Phase 4 film. It will be the third solo Spider Man films in which Holland repeats her role as Peter Parker / Spider-Man, and Zendaya her role as MJ. The much-anticipated film will follow the unlikely duo of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) as Parker seeks help after his identity as Spider-Man was leaked by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) at the end of Spider-Man: Far from home.


Holland and Zendaya have received high praise for their achievements in Spider Man movie. In fact, the two had such great chemistry on screen that rumors quickly began to spread that they, too, were a couple off-screen. The eager dating rumors reached a record high after two stars were seen kissing in a car. Since the photo leak of their kiss, Holland has been driving the rumors with its Instagram posts of his Marvel co-star. Holland celebrated the Zendayas Dune premiere on Instagram, as well as share a cute birthday post for her. Now he has taken to social media again to share an adorable post to celebrate the actress’ latest award.

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Holland shared a cute Instagram post celebrating Zendaya for her latest fashion award. Zendaya has been known for her stunning and unique outfits, further consolidating her fashion talents by taking home the award as Fashion Icon of the Year at the CFDAs in 2021. Holland quickly took to Instagram and shared a photo of Zendaya on the CFDAs and congratulated her and her stylist, Law Roach. He continued to waterfall “amazing person” that Zendaya is, and how deserving she was for the award, even underscored his message with a heart-eye emoji. Check out his post below:

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If there is any content in Holland and Zendaya dating rumors, the Spider Man the star definitely wins in the supporting girlfriend role. Of course, even if couples are not dating, Holland’s true happiness for his teammate is heartwarming to watch in the midst of a competitive film industry. His supportive character has also extended to others as he also hyped up his brother, Paddy Hollands, Apple TV show. Invasion recently. While Holland itself is a big name in Hollywood, he continues to show humility and take the time to praise his co-stars and family for their ventures and achievements in various industries.

Overall, Holland’s praise of Zendaya is adorable to see, and it is also extremely well deserved on Zendaya’s part. Her presence at the Met Gala this year was much missed, but she has more than made up for it as she constantly surprises and shocks fans with her dazzling outfits at every film premiere. Meanwhile, Holland made an excellent point by congratulating his talented stylist, Roach, and ensuring that his role behind the scenes was also noted and praised. The duo really deserved all the praise that Holland threw their way. Finally, Holland’s praise for him Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star is a welcome reminder to everyone to show support and interest in the efforts and accomplishments of their significant other (or friends).

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Source: Tom Holland / Instagram

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