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Tom Holland ran 10 miles a day while wearing a garbage bag to lose weight, but a coach says it just made him lose water

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  • Tom Holland said he lost nearly a quarter of his body weight for a role.

  • Holland achieved this weight loss by doing a diet and running 10 miles a day in a garbage bag.

  • Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian have also used the garbage bag trick to lose weight fast.

Tom Holland said he carried a garbage bag during runs to help him Lose Weight.

But the wardrobe choice would only have dehydrated him faster, according to an expert coach.

It told the 24-year-old “Spider-Man” star GQ he lost almost a quarter of his body weight with crash dieting and ran 10 miles a day while wearing a garbage bag.

Carrying a garbage bag while running is intended to induce larger amounts of sweat. It is a common trick used by wrestlers to gain weight for rallies and other celebrities, among others. Kim Kardashian, has also previously been seen running with a garbage bag on.

But celebrity coach Mike Boyle said that although the daily run contributed greatly to his weight loss, the only thing the garbage bag caused was that he lose water weight.

“He lost weight by running 10 miles a day, the garbage bag is 100% irrelevant, except that it contributed to his condition of dehydration“There are no benefits to trying to make yourself sweat more,” Boyle told Insider.

Holland’s attempts to speed up weight loss could have been dangerous to his health

Carrying a garbage bag can manipulate the body’s cooling process. The garbage bag prevents the sweat from evaporating, which signals the body to keep producing sweat in the hope of lowering your body temperature and eventually making the body sweat more than a workout in typical gym clothes.

Consuming water from the body can induce a lighter weight at the moment to help wrestlers gain weight for a particular fight, or even temporarily reduce bloating or swelling for a person for a day or two. However, it does not equate to long-term fat loss.

The garbage bag trick can even be dangerous as a person would lose too much water and electrolytes of sweating so much.

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, nausea, dizziness and kidney damage, while loss of too many electrolytes can lead to seizures.

Crash diets can be dangerous, especially when combined with the garbage bag method

By combining the dehydration from carrying the garbage bag with dieting, Holland may have given harmful blows to his energy level.

Crash dieting is when a person reduces the amount of food that they normally consume to minimal levels to achieve a short-term weight loss. It can be effective in achieving that weight loss. But it also comes with potential side effects. It can drastically reduce the speed of your metabolism and lead to muscle breakdown, according to a study by the European Congress on Obesity.

Crash diet also means that the body does not receive all the minerals and vitamins it needs to maintain a strong immune system, leaving someone more susceptible to disease and infection, according to WebMD.

Holland told GQ that his energy level became very low and he felt burnt out during the filming of “Cherry” earlier this year – which may be a side effect of crash diets.

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