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Tory councilor pays damages for fake image of Jeremy Corbyn on terror scene

Paul Nickerson, left, apologizes to former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, right (Photo: Getty / Twitter @CouncillorPaul_)

A Tory councilor has apologized and agreed to pay “substantial” compensation and legal costs to Jeremy Corbyn after he shared a mocking picture of him laying a wreath on a terror scene.

Paul Nickerson, representing East Riding for the Yorkshire Council, initially claimed his Twitter account had been ‘compromised’ by friends who made him a prank when his tweet drew criticism.

But he has now admitted to giving the ‘false defamatory statement’ on November 15, the day after Memorial Sunday.

He said the post gave the ‘completely untrue impression’ that Islington North MP and former Labor leader supports terrorist violence and said the tweet was ‘wrong’.

The photo he shared showed Mr Corbyn holding a poppy wreath photoshopped next to a burning taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital where a man had detonated an explosive.

He wrote the caption “Not surprising”.

It showed the scene after Emad Al Swealmeen, 32, died when he blew up a taxi, moments before kl. 11.00 two minutes of silence. No one else was killed in the attack, and driver David Perry fled the car just before it burst into flames.

Corbyn took legal action against him because of the tweet, saying it “did a disservice to all those affected by the attack and their loved ones”.

He said he would use the conciliation money to support charities close to him in both his constituency and in Liverpool, where the terrorist attack took place.

The picture is believed to have been a reference to a controversy in 2018, when pictures were published by Mr Corbyn, who attended a wreath-laying ceremony at a Tunisian cemetery four years earlier.

Some raised questions, saying that memorials to people associated with a terrorist attack at the 1972 Olympic Games were nearby.

Corbyn said he was there to show his respect for the victims of an Israeli airstrike in 1985 at the offices of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Tunis.

He added at the time: ‘I was there because I wanted to see a suitable memorial for everyone who has died in any terrorist incident anywhere, because we have to end it.’

Sir. Nickerson was criticized for apparently drawing attention to a terrorist incident, while also suggesting that Mr Corbyn supported such actions.

He was also accused of hypocrisy, calling on people less than a month earlier to ‘silence our language against politicians of all colors’.

Nickerson said today: ‘On November 15, 2021, a false defamatory statement for which I take full responsibility was posted on my Twitter account about Jeremy Corbyn MP.

‘My apology is attached. I have agreed to pay significant damages and legal costs to Mr Corbyn. Please retweet. ‘

He said in his apology: ‘The fake photograph, the subtitle of the word’ not surprising ‘, gave the completely untrue impression that Jeremy Corbyn supports terrorist violence, including suicide bombers, which I without hesitation fully accept that he does not accept.

‘Without reservation, I fully draw any suggestion or conclusion that Jeremy Corbyn is a supporter of terrorist violence. The tweet was wrong and I withdraw it.

‘I apologize unreservedly and sincerely to Mr Corbyn for the pain and anxiety that has been inflicted on him by the tweet.

‘I fully accept that the posting of the message the day after Remembrance Sunday exacerbated the hurtful nature of the defamatory tweet.’

Corbyn instructed his lawyer to sue for libel after the publication of the original tweet.

He said today: ‘The bombing of Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Remembrance Sunday was a horrific crime that could have killed or maimed countless victims, including new mothers and their babies.

‘Councilor Paul Nickerson’s Photoshop-treated Twitter post about me did not understand the seriousness of the threat and did a disservice to all those affected by the attack and their loved ones.

“So I welcome his decision to apologize for his defamatory speech, to agree not to repeat the tweet he deleted, and to pay significant damages and legal costs.

“This significant settlement will be used to support charities close to my heart, including one in Liverpool and one in my constituency.”

In a statement last week, Jonathan Owen, leader of the East Riding Council’s Conservative group: group with immediate effect and an investigation will now take place. ‘

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