Trash hangs out with the trash, and here I bring you 3 things these tools have in common

Besides their love of botox (and cheek implants in Shitt’s case), there are 3 other things in common that these douches share, so here I bring it to you in this post.

1. To be master manipulators, possibly emotionally offensive to their partners.

We already know it all with Pitt, and how his team managed to make him from a victim to a victim, so let’s focus on Cooper, as people seem to forget him.

Back in 2014, his ex-wife Jennifer Esposito wrote a memoir about living with celiac disease and in it she also talks about an ex being a “Funny, smart, cocky, arrogant, master manipulator” who had a “miserable, cold side”. She felt she was not a problem in the relationship, and the moment she decided to have some time to herself by attending a spiritual seminar, he basically dumped her because apparently for Cooper should always revolve around him. She also calls him rude and insensitive.


2. Dating girls for young people to them.

Back in the 80s, Pitt dated girls in their teens who today would certainly have been considered NOT ok to do that, there is also the married model he dated who was 29 years younger than him. So what does Cooper have? Well, he dated 21-year-old Suki Waterhouse back in 2014. He was 38, and she was 21, and the grossest public thing they did was get him to read Lolita to her in a park.

3. They both love working with addicts

With Pitt, it is his Harvey Weinstein’s collaboration, although he could well know the type of person he was / is. With Cooper works with David O’Russell 3 times (Silver Linings, Joy and American Hustle), one of these films was produced by The Weinstein Company (Silver Linings). So these 2 seem to only care about victims when it benefits them.

I would like to note that these 2 are also good friends with Sean Penn.

ONTD, do your friends reflect you?



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