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Trolls 3: Release Date, Cast, and Story Details

Following DreamWorks and Universal Studios’ latest Trolls 3 announcement, here’s all we know about the Trolls 3 release date, cast, and story.

Universal Pictures confirmation that another Trolls the film happens means the attention is now turning towards Trolls 3 release date, cast and story details. DreamWorks’ first two Trolls excursions have been a great success for the studio, with Trolls alone brings in as much as $ 346 million across its expanded 2016 tickets. While Trolls World Tour was a more modest success and earned $ 147 million after its release in 2020, this figure is made more impressive by the context of its pandemic release, with much of this figure made via PVOD and highlighting the sustained wave of popularity that Trolls 3 will look to comb on.


The first Trolls the film centers on the titular and eternally happy creatures who sing, dance and hug all day before being captured by the eerie people of Bergen. The people of Bergen think that they can only feel happiness by capturing a troll, a performance for which they are acquitted at the end of the film, as Poppy (Anna Kendrick), Branch (Justin Timberlake) and the other trolls win them through the power of music. Trolls World Tour essentially extrapolates this message, with the recurring characters visiting other trolls’ cities around the world to spread their message of positivity and self-love.

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The universal message for Trolls 3 release date is welcome news for Trolls audience, with some circles dreaded Trolls World Tour‘s lack of domestic success may have ruined the franchise’s continued plans. Trolls 3 is also confirmed in receiving a 17-day exclusive cinema window before arriving at PVOD as a nod to the streaming success that was backed up Trolls 2‘s release. Here is everything we know about Trolls 3 to date, including the film’s release date, cast and story details.

Trolls 3 release date

Universal Pictures has officially announced this Trolls 3 releases on November 17, 2023. As mentioned, this date will mark the start of Trolls 317-day cinema run before the streaming audience can also access the latest franchise. The previous one Trolls excursion, World tour, enjoyed breakout success and went straight to home audiences during the closure of the COVID-19 cinema in 202, earning over $ 100 million on digital rentals on top of its $ 47 million from ticket sales globally, with these numbers likely to be a key motivation in offering Trolls 3 as a PVOD opportunity for the audience again.

The details and characters of the Trolls 3 story

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While those closest to the project have been tight-lipped in the days after Trolls 3 announcement of release date, it is highly likely Trolls World Tour CEO Walt Dohrn returns to oversee this latest franchise addition. Dohrn signed an exclusive agreement in July 2020 with the animation powerhouse DreamWorks, in which the director has the first rejection of any animated project from the studio in the foreseeable future. This puts Dohrn in the driver’s seat to return to direct Trolls 3, although no official announcement has yet been made.

There are also no story or casting details for Trolls 3, with more information likely to be provided by DreamWorks during 2022, when production of the animated feature begins. Audiences will undoubtedly hope that Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake repeat their roles as the lovable duo Poppy and Branch, even though there has been nothing from any of the stars on this front to date. DreamWorks has not stated what Trolls 3‘s story will be about, though it’s a safe bet to assume Trolls 3 will double the musical fun and adventure that made the first two rounds such a huge success.

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