USAgent’s New Mission Proves He’s Still a Hero (Even If Fans Disagree)

While he may be darker than Steve Rogers, It seems as though USAgent is enough of a hero to know that the Kingpin is bad news in Devil’s Reign.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Devil’s Reign: Villains For Hire # 2

While he may be darker and more brutal than Captain AmericaJohn Walker’s USAgent just proved he’s still a hero in Marvel’s current crossover event. Despite working for the corrupt Wilson Fisk leading his team of supervillains turned sanctioned Thunderbolts, it’s recently been revealed that Walker has a secret mission. Likewise, it’s the perfect job for USAgent beyond leading a bunch of criminals in the Villains of Hire tie-in miniseries to Devil’s Reign.

In Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire from writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Manuel Garcia, Fisk has hired a collection of villains to serve as his sanctioned Thunderbolts. Meant to keep the peace in the face of his new legislation outlawing superheroes and vigilantes, criminals such as Rhino, Agony, Electro, Taskmaster, Whiplash, and more have been given badges to hunt down and arrest superheroes and stop crimes themselves. However, they still need someone to keep them in line (which is where Walker comes in).


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Seemingly looking to work for Fisk in Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire # 2, the USAgent offers his services to New York’s mayor, convincing the former Kingpin that he needs someone to keep his Thunderbolts in check. Agreeing with the darker version of Captain America, Fisk wastes no time instructing Walker to take control of the Thunderbolts and show them who’s boss. However, the USAgent’s new job does not make him an outright villain. John Walker has always been more complex than he’s given credit for (and the same holds true with his recent MCU depiction). Likewise, this new issue reveals that the USAgent is really working undercover for the FBI in a bid to try and bring Fisk down from within his operations (while still laying down the law with his new team).


USAgent’s true mission in Devil’s Reign is way better than what it initially appeared to be and to classify him as a villain would be a major mistake. While he may be more aggressive and have darker methods than his counterpart Captain America, John Walker believes in protecting and serving his country no matter what, enforcing its laws and upholding the nation’s freedoms. As such, it makes way more sense that he’s working to take Fisk off the board who’s been abusing his power and authority.

As Devil’s Reign continues, it will be interesting to see if Mayor Fisk and the rest of the Thunderbolts will get wise to the USAgent’s true mission. Agony in particular seems quite suspicious of the darker Captain America already. That being said, Walker’s beatdown of the entire team seemed to get the message across that he’s in charge as the miniseries continues from Marvel Comics.

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