Venom 2 BTS video shows how the movie brought the massacre to life

Sony unveils a new Venom: Let There Be Carnage video behind the scenes showcasing Carnage concept art and the VFX creation of the villainous symbiot.

Sony unveils a new one Venom: Let there be carnage behind-the-scenes video showing Carnage concept art and the creation of the visual effects of the villainous symbiote. Woody Harrelson made his Sony Spider-Man Universe debut in 2018 Married as serial killer Cletus Kasady in the film’s post-credits, and set him up as the villain for the sequel. Harrelson repeated the role for Venom: Let there be carnage as he ingests some of Eddie Brock’s blood and hosts the dangerous titular symbiote.

Together with Harrelson, Venom: Let there be carnage marked Tom Hardy’s return as Eddie / Venom, Michelle Williams, Reid Scott and Peggy Liu. The sequel also marked the introductions of Naomie Harris as fellow antagonist Frances Barrison, better known as Shriek, and Stephen Graham as San Francisco Police Detective Patrick Mulligan. Following several delays in release due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Venom: Let there be carnage finally hit theaters in October to mixed reviews from critics, though generally better than its predecessor, and audiences are preparing for the film’s upcoming home release.


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In time for the film’s VOD release, Sony pictures has released a new one Venom: Let there be carnage BTS video. The feature court offers a look at Carnage concept art and the VFX creation of the red symbiote, where VFX supervisor Sheena Duggal and director Andy Serkis provide insight into what went into bringing the character to life. Watch the BTS video below:

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While the first Married left both critics and audiences wary of what the future might hold for the still budding SSU, Venom: Let there be carnage had many hopeful things could turn with the addition of its titular antagonist in the main story. Although many still felt hesitant when they left the theater, namely in the lack of proper screen time for Harrelson’s Carnage compared to Hardy’s titular duo. Carnage’s designs, however, were generally praised by those on both sides of the spectrum as it faithfully recreated his comic design and established him as a fearsome enemy of Eddie and Venom.

Venom: Let there be carnage makes it an important second chapter in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe that not only turns the critical shot at the movies, but also secures its place so financially viable, as it only became the second 2021 film to cross the $ 200 million mark by the domestic ticket office. the seventh most lucrative film of the year. The film also began to build the bridge between SSU and the Marvel Cinematic Universe with its game-changing post-credits sequence, leaving many excited to see how the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home and Morbius continue to merge the worlds. The waiting time Venom: Let there be carnageThe Blu-ray release is almost over when the film hits the shelves on December 14th.

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