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Venom’s Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis guess between symbiotes and Death Metal Bands

The Venom: Let There Be Carnage director and protagonist takes a quiz to determine Marvel symbiotes from death metal bands.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis and protagonist Tom Hardy took a quiz together called “Symbiote or Death Metal?” where the couple had to guess whether fiercely sounding names like “Lasher”, “Massacre” and “Mania” referred to symbiots from the Marvel comics or famous death metal bands.

The sequel to the 2018s Married premieres in theaters very soon, and the story brings Hardy’s Eddie Brock / Venom face to face and teeth to teeth with one of Marvel’s most infamous alien symbiotes, Cletus Kasady / Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson. The introduction of Married saga’s next alien parasite got a knowledge test for the people at the helm Let there be carnage in a video interview with IGN. Serkis and Hardy tried to distinguish symbiots from metal bands based solely on names, and the results are, as Hardy put it, “Not so bad for two guys who don’t read comics … or listen to bands.”

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Serkis and Hardy scored surprisingly well in the trivia game, correctly categorizing seven of the nine names. The couple even successfully asked a trick question about “Carnage”, which is actually the name of both the infamous Marvel symbiote and a Swedish death metal band from the late 1980s.

Serkis and Hardy only stumbled twice, first by mistakenly assuming “Mania” to be a band, when in fact it is a symbiote from the Venom comics. The parasite is a clone of the Venom device, and in a 2013 cartoon, it is called himself “Mania” when it was linked to Andrea Benton, who is also famous for later taking on the name Scream. Vise versa Married The duo’s second mistake was a bit of a technical one, as Hardy suffered an NSFW misunderstanding of the meaning of the word “Grendel.”

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Though Let there be carnage is almost here, Sony and Marvel have kept its plot details mostly a mystery. In addition to the previously confirmed showdown between Venom and Carnage, fans have been left wondering what other symbiotes (if any) could appear in the film. The only other Spider-Man supervillain previously confirmed to appear is Naomie Harris as Frances Barrison / Shriek, a sound-manipulating mutant that serves as a love interest for Kasady in both comics and the upcoming film.

To keep its secrets, Sony has been picky with its footage and released clips and trailers that teases very little beyond the film’s basic premise. Earlier this month, a spoiler-filled audio leak apparently revealed that the film will have a monumental post-credits scene. Reactions from early fan shows also showed that the film’s stinger is an absolute knockout, however Hardy encouraged Married fans to avoid ruining the details of others. However, Hardy also jokingly suggested planning a third Married the film’s antagonist at the end of his symbiote trivia test. “We have to put Grendel in Gift 3 a place! said Hardy.

Directed by Serkis and starring Hardy and Harrelson, Venom: Let There Be Carnage arrives in theaters October 1st.

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