[VIDEO] ‘Saved by the Bell’: Jessie and Slater Relationship in Revival

To Saved by the bellJessie Spano’s giving in to a “bad idea” may be the thing that finally makes her happy in a way that her marriage to the unbearable Rene never did.

Midway through season 2 of Peacock’s Saved by the bell revival, Kelly suggests that it’s kismatic that a newly divorced Jessie and still-single Slater happen to be working together on Bayside almost 30 years after their high school romance ended. Jessie insists she’s not thinking about Slater’s ass anymore – uh, about Slater that way, but as fate would have it, season 2 culminates in a passionate kiss between the enthusiastic tutor and mindless gymnastics teacher who establishes a potential romance in season 3. (Your kiss, for all of you AND Bell fans, is accompanied by the Zack Attack classic “Did We Ever Stand a Chance.”)

For the portraits Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez, it feels different to revisit Jessie and Slater’s relationship as adults. It’s surreal, for one thing, but there’s a common story as well of screen that plays into their dynamics on the screen.

“We got our driver’s license together. We became famous together. Our dreams came true together, all the while our parents were all there on the set and saw us because we were under 18, Lauren tells TVLine in the video Q&A above. “Mario and I, we’ve always just had a close, like best-friend dynamic – like, buddy-buddy, always have each other’s backs, and that’s always been the case all these years.”

Saved by the bell

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Adds Lopez: “You have to understand, we’ve known each other since we were 15. She’s like a sister to me, and we laugh all the time,” he says. “It’s almost like you’re looking at her, like you’re doing a romantic scene with your sister … It was fun for us, but it’s nice to retell that story.”

To make Jessie and Slater’s current relationship credible to the audience, Slater had to grow up a bit. The emotionally crippled lughead was already counting on his chauvinistic past during season 1. And in season 2, he begins to go into therapy to work through some of his childhood traumas. During a particularly funny scene in episode 6, he talks through his relationship with his father, Major Martin Slater; a mother, Lorraine, who was mentioned during the original series but never appeared on screen; a sister, JB, whom he only saw once; and the loss of his chameleon, Artie.

“It’s great to play a guy who’s stunted in his emotional growth and is deficient,” Lopez says. “It’s a lot of fun to play as an actor, and I’ll always enjoyed people who’s a little stuck in their era in real life. I find them fascinating … they will not let go. I think Slater is a little like that, and then the fact that he gets the emotional muscles flexed and starts recognizing some areas that he has to work on is fat. If he had it all going, there’s nothing interesting about it. “

As to whether today’s Slater and Jessie can make a relationship work, Lopez is not so sure.

“I mean, she just got out of a marriage,” he points out. “I do not want to look like a homeless person or like a recurring relationship, right? Plus, if we hook up, where is there to go then? So I’ll have to trust the writers, provided we’re lucky enough to get another one. season, but it was fun while we entertained it this season. “

Watch TVLine’s interview with Lauren and Lopez above. Then rate the final – and season 2 in general – via the following polls, then drop a comment to discuss all things Saved by the bell.

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