Viral pastor Mike Todd wipes saliva on the man’s face during the sermon

Photo taken during the Transformation Church livestream

Social media is spiraling after a video posted by Transformation Church showing their pastor, Michael Todd, rubbing his saliva on a man’s face has gone viral.

On Sunday during his sermon, he tried to get a message to his congregation about “the possibility of receiving a negative response from people while receiving blessings from God.” Todd said, “Receiving vision from God can be ugly.” The priest then continued to cough mucus and spit in his hand and then rubbed it in the face of one of his members. This member had willingly offered himself to be an example of his message.

But after rubbing saliva in the man’s face, church members on the live recording can be heard gasping and reacting to what they have just seen. Todd then explained, “How you just reacted is how the people in your life will react when God does what it takes for the miracle.”

The video quickly came to Twitter with many people coming up with their views and opinions. A Twitter user @ jiggyjayy2 said, “If your pastor is Jamal Bryant or Mike Todd call 1-800-810-8271, you may be eligible for compensation for being taken straight to hell !!!”

Another, @ehlboogie, said “What will the CDC do about Mike Todd?”

Pastor Todd has now become a popular topic on Twitter, and the rest of the comments are entertaining to say the least.

Many of his own church members also commented during the livestream; many expressed that while they understood the message, they were disgusted with the way it was carried out. All of this comes amidst a pandemic when people are still wearing masks and trying to take social distance from their family and friends.

After looking today, Transformation Church has posted the following on their Facebook page: “We are so grateful for Pastor Mike and Brenton’s obedience to God, allowing themselves to be used so that God’s children can clearly receive His word. We pray that when you seek God, he will give you a clear vision, and you will always remember that. ”

For more than information, you can search Transformation Church on all major social media platforms.

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Watch the video below:

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