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Want to learn Blockchain Online? Keep an eye on these courses

by Sumana Bhattacharya
August 22, 2021

Learn the best blockchain courses from educational sites that help you learn from your home.

Blockchain is nothing more than a collection of open source blocks containing data, block hash, and other information. Each block will hold information based on its function. For example, if the block is used for money transactions, it records the identity of the sender and recipient as well as the amount of money sent. There are several applications for blockchain, including online voting, stock trading, food production and more to name just a few. The structure of blockchain databases is decentralized. Cryptographic keys, a peer-to-peer network that distributes accounts, and computer methods that work together as a worldwide database are the three primary technologies. Positions such as Blockchain Developer, Blockchain UX Designer and blockchain Legal Consultant are in high demand, although blockchain technology seems to be advancing at a rapid pace. However, a successful career is not the only item on this list. Understanding blockchain also helps to better understand developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems. Many blockchain courses on the Internet go through only the basics of blockchain technology, including ideas, use cases, processes, and future opportunities. While career paths or credentials can help you become a developer or analyst, it will take time. As a prerequisite, these blockchain courses require a solid command of Python, JavaScript, SQL and STEM expertise. The 10 best blockchain courses online are:

Blockchain AZ: Learn how to build your first Blockchain

Udemy has a thorough and practical course for learning. This course will teach you theoretical blockchain courses, how to construct your smart contract and blockchain, and how to generate your cryptocurrency.

Instructors: Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko

Level: Beginners

Lecture: 98

Video: 14.5 hours

Price: From $ 11.99

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Blockchain – Principles and practices

This is one of the best Pluralsight blockchain courses. Understanding the encryption used in blockchain, which combines several transactions into one block and connects the blocks with each other to build Blockchain are the key topics you will study in this course. You also learn how to stack blocks and avoid blocking among other things.

Instructors: Stephen Haunts

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 2h 41m

Price: Rs. 1,499.00 / month

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Blockchain Fundamentals

This can be one of the finest blockchain courses for beginners from Pluralsight who do not have a clear professional goal but are ready to experiment, try and keep going. It will instruct you on how to create blockchains, with an emphasis on the Ethereum platform. Students should have a basic understanding of the common programming languages, even if they are beginners.

Instructors: Jan-Erik Sandberg

Duration: 2.5 hours

Level: Novice

Price: 29 $ / month

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Blockchain for Business: The new industrial revolution

Blockchain for Business, offered by Udemy, examines all aspects of the non-technical aspect of technology. More importantly, the lesson teaches how blockchain technology works and how it affects the world as a whole. The course is more suitable for students who want to start a career in business or finance that has a significant technological component, such as blockchain.

Instructor: 365 careers

Level: Beginners

Lecture: 71

Video: 6.5 hours

Price: from $ 11.99

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How Blockchain Will Change Business

This introductory blockchain course is offered by LinkedIn to those who run a business and want to learn more about the potential implications, difficulties, and economic benefits of blockchain technology. As a result, the course explains how blockchain works as well as the pros and cons of organizations adopting this blockchain technology.

Instructor: Alison McCauley

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Level: Preliminary

Price: From $ 17.99 / month

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Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with solidity

Anyone with programming experience who wants to add an Ethereum Blockchain Developer credentials to their resume may find this course from Udemy to be low-hanging fruit for quick upskilling. The course provides step-by-step guidance for construction projects. It also opens up new opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a Blockchain Engineer. The course is continuously updated with the most updated material, and students get lifetime access to these changes. Because it teaches solidity, smart contracts and web3 in detail, this course requires prior programming and web development skills.

Instructor: Ravinder Deol, Thomas Wiesner, Martin S

Level: Beginners

Lecture: 142

Video: 13.5 hours

Price: From $ 11.99

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Blockchain specialization

The best Coursera learning specialization blockchain is this. This course will teach you the basics of blockchain, how to create smart contracts and how to build a decentralized application. You will receive a certification when you finish this Coursera blockchain specialty that you can add to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Instructor: Builds Ramamurthy

Price: $ 399 / year

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Blockchain technology

Another great online course to learn blockchain and become a Blockchain developer is this one. BerkeleyX offers this course, which is also part of a professional certification program. This course also covers other enterprise-level blockchain implementations, including JP Morgan’s Quorum, Ripple, Tendermint, and HyperLedger, as well as industrial application cases for blockchain, ICOs, and the growing laws surrounding blockchain.

Institution: BerkeleyX

Level: Intermediate

Price: Rs. 7342

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Development of applications on Ethereum

This may be one of the finest blockchain courses offered by Pluralsight for students who are only interested in learning how to create apps for the Ethereum platform. Although the course claims to be for beginners, students should have some programming and web building experience. While the course begins with a basic understanding of blockchain principles and Ethereum, the ultimate goal is to learn how to build smart contracts in Solidity.

Instructors: Ivan Mushketyk, Pluralsight

Duration: 5.5 hours

Level: Novice

Price: 29 $ / month

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Become a Blockchain Developer

This popular path to becoming a Blockchain Engineer is brought to you by Udacity. The course covers the basis of blockchain as well as the methods and guidelines for developing decentralized apps (dApps). Students will also learn to use Solidity to interact with and construct smart contracts to better understand the features and benefits of the Ethereum platform. Students will be able to advance their careers as one Blockchain developer professionally after completing the course, for which they will also receive a certificate.

Instructors: Brandy Camacho, Jessia Lin

Price: 399 US $ / month and 1356 US $ / 4 months

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