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It’s 2021, and things apparently could not get more out of control in the world than things have been for the last few years. But can you imagine a world where all laws, including murder, are suspended one day a year? Oh, if you’re one Cleansing head, you already know what I’m talking about.

Yes, it Cleansing franchise continues to attract fans with its concept-heavy world of arbitrary aesthetic and directionless violence. However Cleansing film has come a long way since the first film dropped back in 2013. In fact, the series is already in its fifth part.

The eternal cleansing came to the audience this year, and there has never been a more appropriate time to showcase a fictional world in which the United States is in complete and total chaos (reminds you of something?). Now that The eternal cleansing is out of cinemas, audiences are wondering where they can catch the long-awaited sequel online for free. Here’s what we’ve found.

Concept heavy

Cleanse came to the audience in 2013, and when the film dropped, no one could have foreseen that the franchise would take off so explosively. Yes, watching Ethan Hawke star in a one-off dystopian horror film seemed almost right. However, all Cleansing heads know, it’s not about the story and the stars, the franchise is about concept.

Yes, in 2013 Cleanse introduced the audience to the concept of the franchise: a world where the United States has one day a year where all crime is legal, with the aim of alleviating the urges of criminals all year round. The first film shows the part of the world that hides inside the fateful night and waits for dawn.

Dog 2014s Purification: Anarchy gave the audience what they really wanted in the franchise when the movies dropped. While Cleanse showed the audience the fear of a home invasion on a night when all crimes remain unpunished, Purification: Anarchy showed the audience how it is on the street. Audiences began to think they could watch a few more of these movies after Anarchy.


In 2016 Cleanse fell its best installment with The cleansing: Election year. The film embraces the strong side of the franchise and dives deeper into the concept. The film presents a time in Cleansing universe when a new presidential candidate in the United States tries to do away with the special annual celebration of murder, looting and chaos.

Election year shows us the mythology behind Cleanse, and is the franchise’s most heady episode, as it goes into why the United States loves Purge so much.

In 2018, Cleanse franchise dropped its most ambitious successor with The first cleansing. The film goes into the story of the purge, which first had a dry run isolated in Staten Island.

While it’s fun to learn about origin stories, the film fell flat when it was released. Anyway, Cleansing stop could not wait for the next successor to freshen up their palettes.

The eternal cleansing

The eternal cleansing fell this year, giving fans an idea of ​​what would happen if Americans started liking that special day each year a little too much.

What if the cleansing continued forever? The new film tries to answer this question, and Cleansing stop everywhere will know tea. So you can watch the new movie online now for free?

Sorry, you can not see The eternal cleansing online for free yet. However, that does not mean that you can not stream the new movie. The eternal cleansing is available for rent on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, AMC on Demand, Google Play, FlixFling and Alamo on Demand. What are you waiting for? Can’t you hear the sirens? It’s cleansing time.

What is your favorite Cleansing movie? Sound off in the comments!

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