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War on Wakanda expansion brings Black Panther to Marvel’s Avengers

The war over Wakanda expansion arrived Marvel’s Avengers, which brings the Black Panther into the Square Enix game. This extension is a great thing for the game, in fact, one can say that they are counting on T’Challa to save the Avengers. Because things are not going well the first AAA game from Marvel (it is not an exclusive Sony) this year. The game made mistakes, both from the technical side and a narrative. At its best, both Marvel’s Avengers and the War for Wakanda expansion are dynamic games that allow people to play an easy-to-understand game with their favorite heroes. At worst, the game is a repetitive pick-and-play game with too little dynamic content. The war over Wakanda expansion is trying to solve the problems some are having Marvel’s Avengers, and it’s a really good Black Panther game.

First, to put it all on the war table, I feel the game is best, more often than not. Square Enix delivered something remarkable with Marvel’s Avengers. It’s a game where we can embody a number of our favorite Marvel heroes. This is not perfect, as the power sets of each Avenger should fit over a similar control template. Some characters are better than others, but in the end it’s an entertaining game. The storytelling campaigns are a good time and the story is interesting. (Not as much as it could be, but we’ll get to that later.) Also, given the true drought of good Marvel games in the end Marvel’s Avengers is a good time, and the War for Wakanda expansion is no different. Although this might speak more to my taste as a player.

War on Wakanda Expansion Page Lines Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel's Avengers War for Wakanda Expansion Black Panther Chilling 2 Image via screenshot

What makes this expansion different from them is that it has little to do with the Avengers. The two previous expansions, both focusing on different Hawkeye characters, were about re-joining the team. As we have known since the trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, this game focuses on the Avengers breaking up after a huge public failure. It seems that Wakanda closed its borders after these events. With one small exception, where the player controls Captain America while exploring the game post in Wakanda, the expansion is completely centered around T’Challa. We also get Ulysses Klaue, both the MCU version and a more cartoon-accurate version at the end.

The Avengers come to Wakanda and ask T’Challa for help. In return, they help him defend Wakanda from both Klaue and the forces of AIM, the main antagonists in the game. However, the missions you perform as a Black Panther are very similar to others in the game. Although the story and its focus on Wakanda expands the game’s world, it’s not the kind of landmark expansion that will save it from disappointing player numbers. Actually, the latest data from the Steam Charts shows that only about 2,500 people play the game at any one time. This is better than it was a few weeks ago when the player based peaked in the hundreds. But it is not the kind of rebound that ensures that this game will continue to get free expansions. PS5 players can expect The Spider-Man expansion, but in addition there is no guarantee that we will get more content.

Of course with in-game purchases as MCU costumes for the characters, the game can still be profitable. But things do not look good for the future.

Where Marvel’s Avengers Went wrong and what it turned out to be

War for Wakanda Expansion Playing Marvel's Avengers Beta, Ms.  Marvel, Kamala Khan, AIM, Marvel Comics, G. Willow Wilson, Captain America, Square Enix Image via Square Enix

The biggest mistake this game makes is in its history. We only meet Avengers when they are already famous and successful. It feels like we’re watching the sequel to a movie we did not see. Sure, they imply a loose connection to the MCU (to the point where the characters sound and act like their MCU actors). But why they did not just start this story in the beginning is a mystery to me. The action in the game is too half intricate and there are references to a story we are not aware of. Because Marvel’s Avengers is not the MCU story that the War for Wakanda expansion makes clear. For example, T’Challa refers to his uncle’s time as king and refers to events that took place in the comics rather than in Black Panther.

Even the weakest grades in Marvel’s Avengers is fun to play and this shows the almost limitless potential of Marvel games. Still, lack of playability, repetitive playoff tasks, and a confusing story generally hurt. This is a good, fun game, but it’s hard to really enjoy it when we can all see the missed potential here. I have no idea what metrics for success Marvel and Square Enix have for this game. We could get another year of content, or they pushed for a sequel or a completely different game. (After all, there are no mutants in games.) So even though I personally do not love this game, I respect the attempt and hope they get another bite on this apple.

Still, the war for Wakanda expansion of Marvel’s Avengers is the best Black Panther game we have. (Also the only one.) Although it’s not very playable, it’s definitely fun to play through at least once.

Marvel’s Avengers and the War for Wakanda expansion is available where you get your games.

What do you think? Did you enjoy this extension? How do you like the game in general? Share your thoughts, reviews and hopes for the future in the comments below.

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