Warzone cheaters seem to be getting a harmful surprise

There has been another development in the ongoing battle between War zone cheaters and Activision Blizzards Ricochet anti-cheating. It seems that those who use aimbots, programs that allow you to lock on to enemies and take them down without worrying about lost shots, have their the injury dropped markedly in the middle of the game.

While before we reported that some cheaters had started breaking through the initial security measures that were added to the game through the implementation of Ricochet, this injury nerve seems to have been insidiously added in a small update last Friday.

For a visual representation of how this works, the current top post from Warzone Reddit shows such a cheater falling victim to this adaptation of the anti-cheating. You can see how the damage drops all the way down as they continue to empty an entire magazine into another player without a single ball missing or the recoil bouncing around. After nearly forty shots, they barely managed to break through their armor.

So how do the cheaters react? Well, via a screenshot from CharlieIntel’s reporting on the subject shows such a cheat provider explaining that since the damage scaling is on the backend, there is not a huge amount they can do to get around it completely. Instead, this cheat provider suggests an accuracy slider that will tone down the aimbot with hopes of undermining the nerves. We have included this screenshot from CharlieIntel below:

So what does that mean for the average, honest Warzone player? It is definitely a victory and any inconvenience imposed on those who want to ruin the experience for the rest of us is worth celebrating. Unfortunately, this does not affect a number of other cheats that shady cheaters have on hand, such as wall hacks, which have also been prevalent in the game for a while now.

However, it gives some credibility to the original Ricochet anti-cheat mission statement as an ongoing, continuously evolving thorn in the side of cheaters and cheat providers. As before, we can only sit back and hope that more updates like these are on the horizon.

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Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Call of Duty: Warzone, is currently in the middle of a lawsuit over sexual harassment brought by the state of California. As a result of the uncovered problems in the company, the staff has tried trade union efforts, despite the fact that a director from the company has tried to counteract this effort.

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