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Watch Rick Astley’s emotional reaction to the Ted Lasso episode of his music

Ted Lasso has sucked all of us (or at least the vast majority of the population who have fallen in love with the show) to cry over particularly emotional moments since it premiered in 2020.

It’s one of the series’ greatest triumphs – making its audience feel, celebrating and mourning and feeling all sorts of emotions along with its characters. But it is safe to say that no one was prepared for the emotional blow the series’ writers could pack with one of the biggest internet gags of the last two decades – a rickroll.

Ted Lasso has featured a number of popular songs as part of its soundtrack, including works by British icons Sex Pistols and Queen, but nothing has perhaps had a greater impact than the use of “Never Gonna Give You Up”, the 1987 single from Rick Astley. The song, which became popular through its use as a deceptive internet meme, was featured in this week’s episode, “No Weddings and a Funeral,” as a favorite among Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) mother, Deborah (Harriet Walter).

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However, the song’s real use came later in the episode, as – spoilers – Rebecca is losing words when she spoke at her father’s funeral, and instead chose to sing the song as a replacement for the words she can not find. Seeing someone in their emergency, Ted (Jason Sudeikis), as always, helps and joins in, and soon the whole church is burned by the sound of the much memed 80s classic.

The use of the song rightly shocked everyone, including Astley himself, who addressed the phenomenon in a video sent to his Twitter, expresses its gratitude for Ted Lasso authors’ choice to include his work in their story:

“It has taken me a while to process what I think of the latest episode of Ted Lasso. I’m a massive fan of the show and I was just completely blown away by what they did with that song. I have to say to Hannah Waddingham — Emmy Award-winning Hannah Waddingham — you did an amazing, incredible job. It was so emotional, so touching, so incredible. People have said they even cried [during] the church scene, I do not want to give too much away, but … just amazing, thank you so much for including that song in your beautiful show … I’m totally crazy. Just fantastic. ”

Astley has previously expressed his fondness for the rickrolling phenomenon, however Ted Lasso has taken it to a whole new level and its cast has responded appropriately. Waddingham himself replied to the tweet and said: “DM’ed you [to say thanks]. Will not embarrass fangirl in public !! #eveningmade “Honestly, we do not blame her, but the real question now is: who gets royalties for Rebecca’s acapella performance?

Ted Lasso recently won seven Emmy Awards, including the Outstanding Comedy Series, and can be streamed on Apple TV + now. Watch Astley’s video below:

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