Watch: Scary horror card ‘Stay Pretty, No Pity’ with Maria Ozawa

Watch: Scary horror card ‘Stay Pretty, No Pity’ with Maria Ozawa

by Alex Billington
November 29, 2021
Source: Youtube

Stay Pretty, No Pity Short Film

“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful …” Who goes up in something creepy? Be beautiful, no pity is a horror card movie made by filmmakers Wilco C. Rullens, contributing Maria Ozawa as a young woman haunted by a strange Japanese ghost. The 11-minute short is a proof of concept for a full feature, if enough people are excited about it. “If a ghost appears to you in the mirror and asks, ‘Do you want to remain beautiful?’ What would be your answer? ” The short is based on the Japanese folklore of Oiwa Yotsuya (Yotsuya Kaidan). A true story from the Edo period, it told of a samurai who had his beautiful wife killed because she was deformed, only to be haunted by her sight until he went insane and killed himself. Now, hundreds of years later, Yotsuya is back! Out to punish more ugly characters by recruiting the beautiful ones. Daunting. And also a warning tale about beauty, but strangely enough, this short does not seem to deal with it at all. Does she learn any homework? Not really … This plays a bit like The ring meets any other urban legend involving a mirror, with a wild Japanese ghost.

Stay beautiful, no pity poster

Thanks to October Coast PR for the tip about this. Original intro from YouTube: “Lucy (half Japanese / half American) has just gotten out of a violent relationship and sought refuge with her new American roommate. Things go awfully fast for her as a ghost shows her seemingly random pictures and gives her three days. The clock starts ticking. She has to solve the mystery of the visions, find the clues in them, to discover what the ghost wants her to do before time runs out. She has to fight to ‘stay beautiful’ ‘, otherwise ghost will have’ no pity ‘. ” Be beautiful, no pity is written and directed by filmmakers Wilco C. Rullens – a Dutch director of the series “BLT Sandwich Cafe”, and the film Goulash former. Produced by Wilco C. Rullens & KT Rong, made by Tokyo Bay Films. Featuring cinematography by Takehiko Tamiya and original music by Marco Werba. “This 11-minute sizzle roll is made as a proof of concept to illustrate how the final full film will look, feel and be about.” Visit YouTube for more information. To find more shorts, click here. thoughts?

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