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We all love Lucky the Pizza Dog in Marvel’s Hawkeye

The lucky pizza dog in Hawkeye is sitting on a couch

Sometimes you’re a good boy and the good boy just wants to eat pizza and the good boy is Lucky the Pizza Dog. The latest Marvel show to hit Disney + is Hawkeye, and even though this is a Kate Bishop stan account, we also need to show respect for the best boy out there.

** Mild spoilers for Hawkeye follow!**

Fans were excited to meet Lucky, the best dog from the comics who loves pizza just as much as the rest of us. And his first appearance in Hawkeye did not disappoint! While she was waiting for Kate when she came out of a charity event, Lucky just sat there looking at her.

They saved each other, in a way, right up to the leap, and that gives me hope for the future Hawkeye is going to give us some great content between Kate and Lucky – and probably some more pizza as this dog ate a slice of pizza that had been in Kate Bishop’s fridge for who knows how long.

When you find an animal on the street that needs your help, that love is strong, and even though we’ve only seen Kate and Lucky together for one night, the two already have a fun tease back and forth and a relationship that clearly only is going to get stronger as the show goes on. But that’s the beauty of a dog and one as good as Lucky the Pizza Dog is.

The two of them just have a lightness in their relationship, and Lucky clearly knows how to support both Kate and Clint, even though they are both confused as to why he cares so much about them already. Maybe it’s his dog’s intuition, and he knew they needed his help. Or maybe Lucky was just lonely and needed owners who would take care of him, and he found out in Kate Bishop, but no matter what, this relationship is already growing into something beautiful. The two of them clearly have an instant bond.

Personally, I hope Lucky continues to just eat pizza and look cute, but whether he will also save the day at some point? It’s just the icing on the cake. But how do we now get a movie premiere where only Goose, Alligator Loki, Rocket Raccoon and Lucky the Pizza Dog are all hanging out together?

We still have Lucky the Pizza Dog in his Christmas clothes on the way and there were lots of solid pictures of Hailee Steinfeld hugging Lucky, so I hope their relationship just gets closer and closer. There is nothing like the love between a human being and their pet, and that means we are all going to spend more time with Lucky and fall even more in love with him. As if it is possible.

(photo: Marvel Entertainment)

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