Welcome to Pee-wee Herman Radio Hour!

Here at KCRW, we love getting a good old-fashioned handwritten letter. A few weeks ago, apparently no one less than the great Pee-wee Herman – he of red bikes and anthropomorphized furniture – took the time to write one up for us.

But we never came across it. Things get lost with the mail. You know how these things go. Fortunately, he followed up Twitter.

At first we were skeptical.

But the man is nothing, if not persistent.

You called and we listened. After a bit of back and forth (and donut negotiation), we got Pee-wee in the studio to meet with an engineer. There is no doubt that the man has a great voice for radio.

Finally, KCRW is thrilled to present The Pee-wee Herman Radio Hour, an hour-long extravaganza of tunes, jokes and special guests airing at 6 p.m. 18.00 Friday 26 November.

We let Pee-wee take it from here:

The name is Pee-wee. Pee-wee Herman. KCRW makes my dream of being a radio DJ come true! They give me a real radio studio where I put on some cans to play some of my favorite songs. We call them “tracks” in “biz”. It will be a great hour with insanely good FUN !! Haha !!!

Just so you know, it was not an easy journey.

When I first wrote to KCRW asking them to put me on the air, they did not even believe it was me until a bunch of my fans called and got their phone lines pinched. I love that story. Ironically, I can now present you with the best show that has EVER been aired. This is your personal invitation to join you, my amazing voice, my friends Chairry, Magic Screen, Miss Yvonne and some special, top secret guests for the very first PEE-WEE HERMAN RADIO HOUR !!!

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