What a Disney + Daredevil Reboot Can Learn From the Netflix Series

With a soft television reboot of Daredevil reportedly in the works for Disney +, the revival series could learn from its predecessor’s example.

After months of speculation and rumors, reports have surfaced that Marvel Studios is moving forward with its own Daredevil Disney + television series, retaining actor Charlie Cox as the Scarlet Swashbuckler. Reportedly serving as something of a soft reboot compared to the Marvel Television production that ran on Netflix, the new series has the benefit of hindsight in learning from the previous iteration of the popular Marvel superhero on television. And with this benefit of heightened perspective, the new Daredevil series should take several key lessons from its predecessor and avoid several aspects of the past show altogether in bringing the Man Without Fear to Disney +.

On Netflix, Daredevil was critically acclaimed for its gritty portrayal of Matt Murdock’s crimefighting crusade to defend his New York City neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen from a brutal crime wave orchestrated by the Kingpin. With the Kingpin coming back in power over the course of Hawkeyethis sets the stage for a renewed feud between Daredevil and Wilson Fisk for the soul of New York. Daredevil was a show that was driven by winning performances from its core cast and the capacity to go darker than its big screen counterparts, and revisiting the war between Daredevil and Kingpin would be a great way to reintroduce the characters and the stakes of the show.

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One thing that Daredevil may want to avoid in comparison to its Netflix counterpart is the level of graphic violence depicted on-screen. Though the previous Daredevil is available on Disney + in all its unedited glory, the future of Daredevil should look to Moon Knight instead of past seasons of Daredevil for cues on how much violence to show on-screen. Moon Knight will reputedly feature more brutal action than seen in many of its Marvel Studios contemporaries, and this could serve as a better litmus test for the Daredevil revival’s own action set pieces. Just because Disney + is now offering unfiltered violence from the Marvel Netflix programming does not mean thats the standard moving forward.

One major lesson Daredevil should take from Spider-Man: No Way Home in contrast to the past series is being able to draw more from the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. The past Daredevil series only tangentially references events in the MCU, from the Chitauri attack on Manhattan and Sokovia, with Matt Murdock’s adventures in their own isolated corner of the MCU. Matt appearing in No Way Homeeven in his civilian persona, was a highlight in the film, and a Daredevil series should similarly capitalize on this more pronounced connection.

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charlie cox as matt murdock in spider-man no way home

There are plot threads from the past Daredevil series that could also benefit from being revived for the new television series, albeit under a slightly revised context. Daredevil Season 3 ended with the cliffhanger of Benjamin Poindexter becoming the supervillain Bullseye, and the lethal killer could make a return within the parameters of the soft reboot. Other plot threads that could be brought back for a new series include the final fate of Elektra after the The Defenders crossover series and Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson relaunching their own law firm.

Expectations are riding high for Daredevil‘s return for an all-new television series, and there’s plenty of precedent for the revival series to be one of the most celebrated of Marvel Studios’ projects on Disney +. However, a Marvel Studios project is a far different beast than a Marvel Television one, and this second chance at a first impression has plenty of opportunity to build upon the past series’ foundation while learning from its mistakes. The stage is set for a Daredevil series set more firmly in the MCU than its predecessor, and the possibilities to capitalize on this provide their own set of creative challenges.

Created by Drew Goddard, all three seasons of Daredevil are available to stream now on Disney +.

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