What can you expect from Marvel video games in 2022

Marvel has dominated the film industry for the past few years, and this has also led to a renewed push in Marvel video games. While many early games and especially movie-related games do not have the best story, the latest selection of games has been groundbreaking knock-outs. From Spider Man to Guardians of the Galaxy, most of the recent games have left a huge impact on fans.

It’s actually a shame Guardians of the Galaxy do not get DLC. Many underestimated the game prior to launch, just because it topped several personal lists of this year’s games. It was a groundbreaking release for 2021, and many fans may be curious about what to expect in 2022. From news and revelations to continued support for Marvel’s Avengers, and the release of just one Marvel game (as confirmed so far), it will still be a big year.


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Marvel’s Avengers: Roadmap and Continued Road to Redemption

Spider-Man insomniac crystal dynamics square enix Marvel's Avengers comparison

Marvel’s Avengers is a live service game from Square Enix, one that was launched to tons of criticism, but which has slowly improved over time. Few would consider it “redeemed”, but the dedication of Square Enix and its continued support is nice to see. Fortunately, fans also have pretty clear expectations for early 2022: a new roadmap, detailed operations, content and more. More grades and raids are likely this year as well, though they may be more scattered or drop later in the year. Recent leaks, which have had some accuracy but should be taken with a pinch of salt, suggest the following Marvel’s Avengers characters could be She-Hulk, Winter Soldier and Captain Marvel.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is this year’s Marvel release


The only new release scheduled for this year is Marvel’s midnight sun, en XCOM-style Marvel games with a wide variety of characters, teams of three, and piles of skill cards and a customizable hero known as the Hunter (with selectable powers). Historically, The Avengers and other characters have to team up with the PC to stop Lilith, the mother of all demons, after being awakened by Hydra. The hunter, like her child, is the only one who is able to stop her.

It is set to be released in the second half of 2022, which means fans can expect a news cycle that it can build up in the months before, content and features will be detailed around mid to later summer, and new details, trailers and more to emerge. That will probably be Marvel’s main focus of the year, unless there comes a surprising announcement. As a game of card games and a somewhat niche style of gameplay, it’s easy to underestimate Marvel’s midnight sun right now, though Guardians of the Galaxy reviews show that this may not be the best approach.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may get more news near the end of 2022

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Comic Avoid

Many eyes are on the Insomniac Games’ series of Marvel titles, especially as the original Spider Man set the new gold standard. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 now ready for release in 2023, and with playable Peter Parker and Miles Morales, hints of The Collar and Venom and more, there’s easily a lot of hype. Most importantly, it is not certain whether Spider-Man 2 is an early release in 2023 (such as. Horizon forbidden west early) or a release in the fall of 2023 (probably like God of War: Ragnarok this year).

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If it’s the former, fans can expect more news in the second half, a transition from one GoW focus on one Spider Man focus and more at the end of the year and into the next. If it’s the latter, there’s likely to be exponentially less news, but a trailer or two is not out of the question.

Marvel’s Wolverine will remain silent for the time being

Marvel's Wolverine Insomniac game developers erode gaps

When Insomniac announced Marvel’s Wolverine, fans were undoubtedly shocked. It was not leaking or anything and it came out of nowhere. To also confirm Spider-Man 2 in the same presentation was nothing less than a game of power, but while Spider-Man 2 has a release window, Marvel’s Wolverine do not do. It will likely remain quiet this year, perhaps with one or two news items coming out, but nothing major. A trailer is not impossible, but fans would be better off not expecting too much. Yet good things come to those who wait and wait wolverine will almost certainly pay off in the end.

Will Skydance confirm its Marvel game?

marvel skydance amy hennig daredevil game ps5

While any announcements this year are likely to be guesswork, fans know that Marvel has partnered with Skydance New Media (led by co-creator, author and director of Uncharted series, Amy Hennig) on ​​a new AAA Marvel game. Skyance New Media’s focus is “story-focused interactive entertainment”, and it gives little fans an idea of ​​what to expect. The biggest rumor is that a new one vovehals the game is under development by Skydance and it’s something fans have been asking for. It remains to be seen, but hopefully a confirmation can come this year.

Skydance New Media was founded in November 2019 with the Marvel partnership announced in October 2021 (but probably effective before then). Fans should not expect its release this year, as a few years of development is likely, but a short trailer confirming the title would certainly be welcome.

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