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In Amazon Prime’s I know what you did last summer, not everyone is who they seem to be. The secrets of the characters begin first with hit and run and subsequent cover-up. The summer after the accident is a free one from all of lies, deception and death. When a twin takes over someone else’s life, it can be difficult to determine what a character’s truth is.

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But as the old friends return the following summer, some characteristics become clearer. Secret is not the only characteristic that Lennon, Margot, Dylan, Johnny and Riley possess. They also have different personality traits that fit perfectly with certain zodiac signs.


Aries: Courtney

Courtney on a porch in I Know What You Did Last Summer

The signs of Aries may be known to be confrontational. There have certainly been times when Courtney has fit this description, especially when she worked for Bruce. But her fighting spirit comes from a place of strength and love.

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Aries is tough and will protect everyone they care about. This is especially prevalent when Courtney’s daughter Riley disappears. Her mother’s intuition tells her that something is wrong, but no one will listen to her. She leaves on her own after the police ignore her and try to save her daughter.

Taurus: Clara

While Clara is not one of the most likeable characters on I know what you did last summer, she also has good qualities. Bulls are comfortable with what is familiar. This stability is comforting for this sign. Clara has lived in the same place all her life. While she may seem like an outcast to others, she is strong in her own beliefs. While her actions may be suspicious, her intentions are good.

She believes she helps when she carries the corpses to the caves and covers them with honey. She also guides Dylan, for better or worse. They share ideologies and she gives him the tools to pursue them.

Gemini: Alison & Lennon

There are no better characters to represent the Twins than the twins Alison and Lennon. The two may have many personality differences, but there is one aspect that they share. Their ability to survive is prevalent. They both have intelligence and charisma that help them survive. This charisma is also something that is often found in Gemini.

Although Alison never thought she was good enough, she finds that she can be just as smart as Lennon. Alison is able to convince Lennon’s friends that she is who she says she is, and will continue to do so for as long as she can. She became as charming as Lennon and quickly learns how to become someone else.

Cancer: Johnny

Johnny in front of the jeep in I know what you did last summer

Unfortunately for a short time, Johnny was one of the best people on I know what you did last summer. Like any cancer, he was sensitive but also aware of what was going on around him. When everyone else expelled Alison in high school, it was he who understood her.

He was also very adept at observing. Before he was killed, he noticed that Alison still smoked cigarettes, even though Lennon never smoked. He was close to figuring out who she was before he was taken out of the equation.

Leo: Margot

Margot is holding an ice pack in I know what you did last summer

Leo’s appeal to luxury and vices, which is something Margot is familiar with. As one of the richest girls in her community, there is no need that is not answered. But Leos also radiate warmth. After learning tools in therapy, she reaches out to others to help them. There is no one who cares more about Alison than Margot, and in the end, she would do anything for her.

Margot also cares about her appearance and likes to show people how bright she shines. Her knowledge of social media helps the teenager in difficult situations.

Virgo: Officer Cruise

I know what you did last summer kids on the road

Virgos are well-suited for law enforcement. They easily find patterns and have a great attention to detail. Officer Cruise was well on his way to finding the killer before the killer first found him. Cruise uses its wisdom when others do not have the same abilities.

After police find Johnny’s head, Cruise rightly realizes that there is more to the case and asks for an autopsy. Because of Cruise, police find an important detail about the crime, even though he does not live long enough to see it.

Weight: Riley

I know what you did last summer - Riley & Dylan

The weights pull towards people. They love being part of a group, and Riley is no exception. As a human being, Riley can see all sides of a situation and understand everyone’s perspectives. This helps when the group tries to avoid being arrested after Lennon’s accident.

Riley understands the grief Alison feels for Lennon, but also understands that they would ruin their lives if they confessed to death. Her thinking outside the box helps them at all times.

Scorpio: Helen

amazon i know what you did last summer

Helen was an enigma from the moment she stepped on screen. Complexity is a trait often found in Scorpio antagonists. But this does not make these characters in themselves bad. Although Helen forged her death to get away from her family, her commitment to self-preservation is important to a scorpion.

They often do not let people get to know them until they know they are safe. Helen showed her true self to her new husband, Fred Phillips. He was the one who could understand her when no one else could. Once scorpions connect with someone, they reveal who they really are. Scorpios can see all angles of a situation and like Helen, ultimately get what they want.

Sagittarius: Bruce

Sagittarius is logical and bases decisions on this. They do not shy away from what is difficult and hold on to what they believe in. Bruce has made many controversial decisions, but has never questioned himself. When he found out that Alison had killed Lennon and taken her identity, he made a hasty decision.

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Bruce never withdrew from encouraging Alison to pretend to be her sister. Although he missed his daughter, he decided it was the best course of action to protect the life Alison had left behind. He cares so much about his daughter’s freedom that he would do anything to protect her.

Capricorn: Lyla

Lyla at the morgue in I know what you did last summer

Laws and positions of authority often appeal to Capricorn. This sign is known for taking responsibility and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Lyla is a police chief in a small town, a character troop often found in horror movies. There are many things she does in her personal life that she is relaxed with, but she takes her job seriously.

Lyla is a professional and must adhere to evidence. Many of the city’s residents come to her with accusations, but as a law enforcement officer, she can only act on what she can prove. Her duty to the city and to find the killer is the most important thing.

Aquarius: Dylan

i know what you did last summer dylan

Even in large groups, they often feel alone with the Aquarius character. Dylan has made many decisions that make him an outcast, but he feels more comfortable that way. He slept with Lennon even though he liked Alison. Like an Aquarius, he follows the unconventional path.

He thinks Alison was not Lennon as soon as she says it because it makes the most sense. This accompanies him to prison as he begins to teach his fellow prisoners about the cult in which he had been indoctrinated. Even though he is alone, he feels comfortable in his new reality. Many jellyfish take the less busy road.

Pisces: Hannah

Dylan embraces Margot in I Know What You Did Last Summer

Hannah is not seen that often, but she is memorable every time she is on screen. Dylan’s mother is a typical Pisces as a free-thinking woman who is attuned to nature and open to experiences beyond the norm. Her amazing inclinations meant that she trusted that Dylan was his own person. This accepted parenting enabled Dylan to move on to MIT and cultivate many talents.

Pisces promotes romance and love above all else. Hannah is the most unique in town and does not care what others think of her.

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