What happened to Sandy in inheritance? Medical condition explained

Logan Roy’s nemesis Sandy Furness does not look so good in Succession Season 3, Episode 5, but does he actually have syphilis?

Succession season 3, episode 5 showed an aggravated Sandy Furness in the middle of a tense shareholders’ meeting, but despite rumors of syphilis, the actual medical condition of Logan Roy’s arch-rival remains a mystery. It’s possible that Sandy actually got the sexually transmitted disease, but it seems like just the type of derogatory gossip that the feline Roys would incite to create malice against one of their enemies. Suffice it to say that Sandy is suffering in her old age, but the symptoms are too vague to draw a final conclusion.

The audience was first notified of Sandy’s condition again Succession season 2, episode 6, when resident sycophant Tom Wambsgans remarked that syphilis “is like MySpace of STDs“That was when Sandy looked weak but still able to talk and walk around planning his carnivorous takeover plans with his younger collaborator Stewy Hosseini. A whole season later and Sandy is.”angry f * cking vegetable, “in Stewey’s words, tied to a wheelchair and inaudible to everyone except his identically named daughter Sandi, but still nurturing the same red-hot malice towards Logan.


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Roman seems genuinely surprised by Sandy’s condition and wonders if his father’s opponent actually has syphilis, accusing him of being his daughter “meat puppet. “He also wonders if Sandy is covered in genital ulcers, the most recognizable symptom of syphilis. However, if Sandy suffers from this bacterial infection, he probably got it years ago when he was still virile. The condition is most likely not the typical sore-and-rash manifestation that Roman thinks of, but the dreaded tertiary syphilis that destroys organs and brain.

This particularly ugly form of the disease occurs years after the initial stage, mostly if the infection is left completely untreated and allowed to spread to other parts of the body. That would explain Sandy’s dementia – like symptoms as well as his sudden loss of coordination that ruined his mobility and speech. Then again, the man is old, and his unidentified condition serves to equate Logan’s own bouts of psychosis due to a urinary tract infection. Logan’s secretary Kerry explains that the patriarch of Roy did not want anyone to know about his health problems, which explains why Waystar Royco tried to swindle Sandy’s reputation with rumors of a venereal disease. It seems like embarrassing medical diagnoses can shatter the egos of both of these ruthless rival kings.

Sandy and Logan, of course, are still formidable forces, even in their dilapidated states, ordering their henchmen around while not even definitively aware of their surroundings. It’s the real takeaway from the episode “Retired Caretakers of Idaho,” which shows how chained the series’ heirs are to the whims of their baronial parents. Syphilis or not, Sandy still poses a threat to Roys. If anything, public news of his condition has made him even more vindictive towards his enemies and nourishes his twilight years with pure hatred. Succession shows how these two rival great men continue to wage war even though they are not mentally and physically capable. That’s what children are for.

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