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What if…? Tips for Korg’s terrible fate.

While this character was an instant fan favorite when he became friends with Thor, his What If …? the fate may be more tragic than fans could have imagined.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for What if…? Season 1, episode 2, “What if … T’Challa became a star lord”, now streaming on Disney +.

Taika Waititi introduced fans to a new, instant favorite character in Thor: Ragnarok with the appearance of Korg, expressed by Waititi himself. The second section of Marvel Cinematic Universes latest Disney + show, What if…?, may have suggested a dark, destructive ending to the show that steals character.

Korg is a Kronan, which means that he is a creature that consists exclusively of rocks. Not much was revealed about Korg’s backstory prior to his meeting with Thor in the gladiatorial prison at Sakaar. He was forced to compete in the grandmaster competition after trying to lead a failed uprising, but he did not print enough pamphlets and the only people who showed up were his mother and her boyfriend. Still, he was a happy-go-lucky character with a good sense of humor. Korg then helped Thor escape Sakaar, fought by his side against Helas and became a loyal friend in New Asgard. For these reasons, and Waititis’ own unique charm, the audience was immediately attracted to Korg, and his friendly nature and humor make his proposed fate in the last episode of What if…? more tragic.

Instead of Peter Quill, it is T’Challa, who takes on the Star-Lord cloak and travels with Ravagers in section 2 of What if…? He finds himself struggling with a muscular, shirtless version of Taneleer Tivan, also known as Collector, who has a considerable arsenal of weapons available, and his first weapon is a glove that appears to be made of stone.

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Basket Arm Thor Marvel What if

Even before he says anything, it is clearly the same stones that make up Korg. He adds threateningly that he took it from the body of a “terribly talkative Kronan”, and one cannot help but think of Korg right away. While it is possible that it was another Kronan, the specific reference to his talkative personality suggests that it was Korg.

As a creature made entirely of stone, it is probable that Korg could have survived without a limb; but the Collector indicates that Kronan, he scored, was already dead. Given how little has been revealed about Korg’s life before his introduction to Sakaar, it is impossible to know where he may have died in this universe.

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In this alternate timeline, Korg may never have even reached Sakaar and instead died somewhere on his travels before his arrival on the Grand Master’s planet. Alternatively, his rebellion could have been more successful in this universe, and he died a heroic death in the ensuing battle.

Korg’s fate in this timeline, like his early life, remains a mystery. One can only hope that the Collector referred to another Kronan, and that Korg is alive and well somewhere, planning his next revolution and making father jokes. With What if…? tells stories in alternate universes every Wednesday at Disney +, there’s always a chance the audience will see Korg again, either with a better or worse fate.

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