What is the CPU and GPU of a computer, and what matters most to gaming?

As PC games become more and more popular, people need to learn about the technology within them to ensure that they get the computer they want. To find out what the difference between a CPU and GPU It can seem basic to gaming enthusiasts. Those who are new to the scene still do not know what they are or what functions they perform. Those who struggle, however, can check out our explains on what a CPU and GPU are in a computer to get acquainted with these two important pieces of PC hardware.

What is a CPU and a GPU on a computer?

CPU and GPU are the two key processing devices in a computer. While there are huge differences between them from a technical point of view, they can be divided very simply:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): Handles common computing tasks.
  • Graphics Manager (GPU): Handles graphics-related computer tasks.

The way these two components process data takes different approaches. A CPU moves quickly from one task to the next in the order they are queued. A GPU handles many jobs in parallel. The two work together with CPUs and quickly perform a wide range of computer tasks and GPUs that process large amounts of graphics-related work simultaneously.

What are the best CPUs and GPUs for gaming?

What is a GPU

The argument over what the best CPUs and GPUs are for games is a decades old affair. In the 1990s, there were several companies producing processors and graphics cards. But right now there is a limited amount of manufacturers making enthusiast quality hardware:

  • CPUs: Intel, AMD
  • GPUs: AMD, Nvidia

At this point, AMD is ahead in terms of performance when it comes to CPUs, but Nvidia manufactures the most powerful GPUs. For years, Intel consistently surpassed AMD. However, AMD’s Zen series of processors achieved significant gains until the release of Zen 3 late last year. Right now, gaming PCs are in the direction of AMD processors and Nvidia GPUs, but that can always change. In addition to CPUs, Intel has been working to bring GPUs to market for the past few years. There are no Intel graphics cards available yet, and it will probably take a while before they even get close to the performance found in AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

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