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What should one travel alone by paying attention? What is an attractive destination for a solo trip?

What should one travel alone by paying attention? What is an attractive destination for a solo trip? Check it out right here

Traveling alone is not unusual. especially tourism, Vietnam is classified as one of the safest and happiest countries in the world. One of the best things you “harvest” after your trip is the time to relax and enjoy as you please.

What should one travel alone by paying attention?

Notes for solo travel


First and foremost, the most important thing is health, you go alone, so you need to have a good body for a long or short trip, simply when you go alone, it will be difficult to find help if you have problems. Health problem. Get healthy in advance to make your trip a great trip.


All your travel trips should always be planned in advance and especially solo trips, attractions, travel time, note of location, terrain, climate, itinerary, accommodation, means of transport, costs, local culture, passport visa procedures … a lot of questions that worry your solo trip. You should plan in detail, do not skip any information for your safety and the success of your trip. The most useful experience is that you have to choose a short trip, the time is not too long to ensure your health and safety.

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Furniture, personal belongings

Because you travel alone, minimize your hand luggage, bring only things that are really needed, such as cameras, phones, medicine, ATM cards, clothes as little as possible. Depending on tourist destinations in different locations or foreign tourist destinations, it is also necessary to have separate belongings you must bring. Things that are not very necessary, you should make a list so that they can stay at home, or you can bring a shipping method when you go and return so you can move most conveniently. Of course, if you are going abroad, visa and passport information are always required, you should take photocopies of documents.

Furniture, personal belongings

Furniture, personal belongings

Or always be careful

Your own safety is always the most important thing, always be careful in all situations, do not trust the guests you meet on the trip, limit travel at night, deserted places, join the traffic. Be careful if you go to crowded places, always watch out for theft.

2. Suggest some beautiful places for solo travel.

Hoi An

Hoi An is a friendly and hospitable city, a place with many unique and impressive things to explore. It is not only the assessment of Vietnamese but also foreign tourists traveling to Vietnam have the same feeling. In your Hoi An trip, wherever you go, you will see a friendly and warm smile.

Hoi An

Hoi An

On a solo trip in Hoi An, you can leisurely walk the ancient, quiet streets, chat with the locals and take photos to preserve peaceful moments in this place.

Phan Thiet

A special thing about this solo tour this time in Phan Thiet, you can calmly pamper yourself. You do not have to get up early to watch the sunrise on the ocean because you have already seen it many times in many places. Instead, you can comfortably sleep in and then roam all day with the local motorcycle taxi driver. On a motorcycle taxi ride, it sounds unexpected, but very interesting and not as expensive as you think. The motorcycle taxi driver is the most dedicated guide. Even the places that are not tourist places, but if you find them beautiful, you also stop to take pictures and also take pictures for you …

Phan Thiet Strand

Phan Thiet Strand

You also do not necessarily have to enjoy the famous grilled peanut cake in Phan Thiet, instead you eat sticky rice paper rolls, rice paper dipped in fish sauce … are your favorite dishes.

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Da Lat

With the plan of making Dalat tour alone, you can enjoy walking at any time. Since Lat is beautiful every season, you do not have to wait for your close friends to plan or follow this person. Travel is not waiting for you!

Da Lat

Da Lat

If you say Da Lat is sad, yes, Da Lat is sad. But if you travel alone, you will find that when Lat gets sad again. In Da Lat you can go to Cu hill, Love valley; Pine forest around Than Tho lake …. and many more places where you can comfortably mingle in the wind and the vast nature of Dalat whenever you want.

Every day during the tour you close your eyes and sit still and listen to the sound of the pine trees ringing, listening to the elegant church bells, the thoughtful temple bells to see that life seems to slow down a beat. Thus, you can fully feel the breath of nature, the wonderful sound of life and have moments of contemplation and daydreaming in the contemplative and sad space.

It’s still the old saying, how many times does life give us thieves to hesitate? When everyone has their own life, it’s too difficult to arrange a trip together, so what do we have to wait for. Continue even if you travel alone and think that your person will more or less change for the better when you return after such a journey.

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