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What we do in the shadows season 3: Guillermo gets a commercial

Guillermo’s character has grown into one of the series’ most pronounced arcs. The title of the first episode of season 3 is “The Prisoner,” but that’s only the first stop on what could be a much longer or much-much shorter journey. Nadja, her doll, Laszlo and Colin Robinson all vote to oust Guillermo. But in a show of bad faith, and possibly worse judgment. It seems that they put him on the payroll, at least in a transferred and more importantly, most unpaid sense.

“I do not know what will happen to Guillermo,” Harvey Guillén admitted during the TCA virtual press tour. “I do not know until the last minute.” But the actor mentioned a kind of promotion. “He joined the rest of the gang as his or their bodyguard for lack of a better word, and that will lead to some interesting decisions being made.”

Guillermo is one of the most easily known characters in the series despite his secretive character and probably the most recognizable stand-in for the fans. It may be that he lives, breathes and eats more than raw chicken thighs. But it’s just a taste of the meal.

“Guillermo has been such a positive character in the Latinx community,” Guillén said. “Even the smallest scene where he talks to his mother. We got so much feedback from people who said, ‘I feel like I saw my mom and myself having a conversation’ down to the buñuelos in the background, like little details like that that really make a difference. “

We know very well that Guillermo is reaching season 4, for in episode 4: “You are going to meet Guillermo’s whole family in a way that makes Guillermo very anxious,” Simms told TCA. “And we’re going to learn that if he has Van Helsing DNA, then the rest of his family does, even though they may not even be aware of it. But we have not even shot it yet. ”

If it has not been shot, it may never happen. So it can still be considered speculative, even if it is not something the audience does not already know. Guillermo may be the last character to stand at the time. He may have given in to his vampire-killing nature.

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