Wheel Of Time’s counter-reaction is a big risk for future seasons

Amazon’s Wheel of Time TV series is not getting the positive buzz it needs, which means that the future of fantasy adaptation is unfortunately in doubt.

The fan backlash to the Amazons The wheel of time is a major threat to future seasons of the fantasy TV series. In 1984, fantasy writer Robert Jordan approached Tor Books with the idea of ​​a trilogy he called “The wheel of time.Thor’s editors had worked with Jordan before, and they knew he tended to get long, so instead they ordered him for six books. Their instincts proved to be correct, even though they had underestimated Jordan’s ability to get carried away with: The wheel of time the series ended after 14 books. The series was only completed by Brandon Sanderson after Robert Jordan sadly died in 2007.

There have been several attempts to get The wheel of time turned into a TV series, but they have not been met with any real success until 2021. No doubt, Amazon hopes The wheel of time can be the next Game of Thrones, a long-form fantasy series meant to last for years. They are already renewed The wheel of time for season 2, even though they have rebroadcast Dónal Finn (The Witcher) as a replacement for Barney Harris as Mat Cauthon, one of the stars of the series. Unfortunately, the reception is for The wheel of time‘s first paragraph has not exactly been positive.


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The core problem is that the Amazon series is quite different from the books – with these differences annoying readers who originally loved Jordan’s novels. The most striking change of all is a visual, with The wheel of time‘s main characters are older than their book versions in an attempt to make the show avoid feeling like a kind of YA fantasy adventure. Meanwhile, Jordan tried to balance traditional fantasy violence with an attempt to appeal to a general audience with younger characters. Though The wheel of time could get pretty brutal, he did not go into detail, and visually the first two episodes are already better than anything Jordan wrote. This shift in age and violence is a naked attempt to appeal to Game of Thrones viewers, but for those who love the books, it goes a little too far. All of this is amplified by the sheer pace of the story, which runs through chapters at remarkable speed. It’s quite incredible that the Emond’s Field group found their way to the cursed city of Shadar Logoth in episode 2, whereas this journey takes quite a long time to develop in the books.

Wheel of Time Shadar Logoth

A book adaptation like The wheel of time can not depend on the sensitivity of book readers: the TV show is too big, too expensive and must reach many more people. But the spirit of Robert Jordan’s books should still be maintained throughout the show, and Amazon’s hope would be that fans of the books would create a positive buzz for the show to capture the attention of viewers who had never even heard of the fantasy novels. Instead, the opposite happens: book readers are furious, leaving negative comments and reviews as they are disappointed that the story they love has not been faithfully brought to life. The positive buzz is simply not there, which threatens to prevent The wheel of time ever reaches its wider potential audience.

Meanwhile, the changes in The wheel of time seems to build. The wheel of time episode 3 sets up radical changes in Egwene and the prophecy about Dragon Reborn, which – if followed up – means the TV series will deviate completely from Jordan’s own story. With that, the already annoyed fandom is likely to become even more frustrated, damaging the show’s reputation even more. Season 2 may be guaranteed, but Amazon’s longer future The wheel of time seems in doubt right now.

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