Where HIMYM characters are under How I Met Your Father

The How I Met Your Fathers 2022 timeline takes place several years after HIMYM’s end, but flash forwards have given clues as to where the characters are.

How I met your father takes place between How I met your mother‘s current and future timelines, but the original show has provided indications of where the characters are in the spinoff. Although not a direct sequel, How I met your father takes place in the same universe as HIMYM. Set in 2022, How I met your father picks up nine years after the current timeline of How I met your mother, which technically ends in May 2013 after Barney and Robin’s wedding – although the finale episode aired in 2014. As for the future narrative, there will not be much overlap given that Future Ted’s story takes place in 2030 and HIMYF‘s Future Sophie tells her story in 2050.


While the final of How I met your mother also completed the characters ‘stories in 2013 after Ted finally met Tracy, the episode has also glimpsed into the characters’ future. HIMYM‘s finale features several flashforwards, marking the great moments in the characters’ lives between 2013, the end of the current timeline, and 2030, where Ted tells the story and finally stays with Robin again. When taking into account the major events after HIMYM‘s finale, which Future Ted gives, it’s much easier to assess where Ted Mosby, Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen and Barney Stinson are during the first season of the Hulu series in 2022 – and especially about whether HIMYMs grades could come on How I met your father.

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How I met your mother‘s ending does not show any specific events from the year 2022 except for Tracy taking Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir on January 1, but Future Ted summarizes what happened to HIMYM‘s grades two years before How I met your father‘s timeline in 2020. There are also a few details that HIMYM‘s finale reveals between 2020 and 2030, with How I met your father hopefully fill in the gaps. Here is an overview of where HIMYMs grades will be in 2022 for How I met your father.

Ted and Tracy

Ted and Tracy Mosby at HIMYM

IN How I met your father, Ted and Tracy have been together for nine years, married for two and raised their two young children Luke (5) and Penny (7). Ted is still believed to be an architecture professor in 2022, and Tracy has published her book on poverty a year before in 2021. If How I met your father continues into 2024, it is possible that the series will overlap with Tracy becoming ill and dying. Since Ted and Tracy will be living in New York in 2022, it is very possible that the two can perform in HIMYM‘s spinoff.

Marshall and Lily

In 2016 after How I met your motherin the end, Marshall and Lily moved out of The Apartment when they returned home from Rome to make room for their growing family, so they will probably still live in the suburbs with their three children in 2022. Marshall also ran for the New York State Supreme Court in 2020 and won the seat over Brad later that year. Since judicial appointments are typically for life, Marshall will still sit on the New York Supreme Court in How I met your fathertimeline for 2022. Lily was last seen as an art consultant in Rome in 2016, but it is unclear if she kept this job when she returned to New York. Still, Lily and Marshall will raise Marvin Waitforit Eriksen (10), Daisy (8) and their unnamed third child (5-6).

Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson and his daughter in How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson’s daughter, Ellie, was born in 2020, which means that in 2022 he will raise his two-year-old child, who still works at GNB, and probably reduce his female manner. While many believe Barney is an easy one HIMYM character cameo, it is unclear whether he will still date younger women so often in How I met your fathers setting.

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Robin Scherbatsky

Screenshot How I Met Your Mother Robin Series Finals Talking To Television

Robin was seen attending Ted and Tracy’s wedding in 2020, though she stayed away – apart from her occasional drinks with Lily – until she and Ted got together in 2030. Robin is still a famous news reporter at this point, so she could easily connect to How I met your father, if the characters watch her newscasts on TV in 2022. Since each How I met your mother character is probably still in New York City below How I met your fathers timeline, the possibilities for character overlap are enormous.

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