Where Marvel’s Strongest Cosmic Superpower appeared in MCU

Power Cosmic is one of the most powerful energies in any iteration of the Marvel universe. Here you can see how the material may have already appeared in the MCU.

While each of the six Infinity Stones can utilize a different aspect of the cosmos to shape it when brought together, Power Cosmic is one of the most omnipotent raw materials in the Marvel universe, with even a fraction of it capable of changing space and time. . Introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1966s Fantastic four # 48, Power Cosmic is most often associated with Galactus and the Silver Surfer from the cosmic energies that Galactus absorbs as he consumes into worlds across the universe. And although Galactus and Silver Surfer have not yet made their official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Power Cosmic may already have quietly found its way to MCU.

First explicitly named in the 1986s Silver surfer # 2 by Lee and John Buscema, Power Cosmic can change matter at a subatomic level, allowing users to quickly resize, change the properties of the basic elements, transmute and teleport matter, and revive an entire world when its full force is directed in accordingly. Corresponding to Force in Star wars, Power Cosmic connects users with the vastness of the universe, where this cosmic consciousness extends to telepathy, telekinesis, pre-recognition and time travel. Power Cosmic is one of the more undefined energies in the Marvel universe and one with incredible potential that has proven to be crucial in saving the day from total annihilation.

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Galactus destroys Nu-World

The celestial likewise have an undefined extent of their own cosmic power, but also have a virtually boundless sense of omnipotence. Like Galactus is a creature from an earlier iteration of the Marvel universe that survived the Big Bang that destroyed the previous universe. the heavenly have been present since the dawn of time. 2014s Thanos annual # 1 by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim judged that Galactus and the Celestial Ones were on the same approximate scale of power, with a similar mastery over matter and time from their cosmic energy source. The celestial power source has not been explicitly named as being from Power Cosmic, but the similarities in their background and abilities with Galactus certainly agree with this.

If Celestials really draw their capabilities from Power Cosmic, this could place Energy’s MCU debut as early as Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, which Ego the Living Planet claims to be a celestial. Able to change its form from a human man to an entire planet and spread its influence through seeds across the universe, however, this could be plausible, Eternal has raised doubts as to whether this assertion is correct. With inconsistencies between celestial appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy and Eternal, Eternal screenwriter Kaz Firpo suggested that Ego may have lied about his heavenly status to unknown ends. This could place Power Cosmics MCU debut in Eternal instead, if the celestial actually draws from this power source.

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Marvel's Eternals - Celestial

To date, the only confirmed live-action performance by Power Cosmic in 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, with Galactus and Silver Surfer arriving on Earth. Doctor Doom briefly steals Power Cosmic for himself, causing chaos and killing the invisible woman until the Silver Surfer recovers Power Cosmic and revives Sue Storm before destroying Galactus. Should this cinematic iteration of the Fantastic Four ever appear in the fast-growing Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, this would place the 2007 film as MCU’s debut of Power Cosmic, otherwise Power Cosmic’s debut could be years away until MCU introduces its own version of Power Cosmic. . Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer.

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