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Sometimes even a completely as seemingly invincible as Batman must spend some time on the sidelines, and on those occasions, Bruce Wayne’s disguised alter ego moves on to heroes such as Natvinge, Azrael and even Jim Gordon. Bruce is many things, but above all he is human and at certain times in his career he has not been able to continue his mission. When the worst has happened, several candidates have had to carry out his duties as protector of Gotham, but who did it best? Each replacement experienced an ordeal by fire, which showed that Batman’s job is not for the faint of heart.

The challenge was not just to be Batman, but to be an effective one who could honor Bruce’s legacy. But of the three to take the mantle, only one successfully rose to become the Batman Gotham needed. In fact, this person did the job so well that they achieved a surprising distinction that definitely puts them head and shoulders above the others.


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Azrael was a hardcore protector of Gotham

After spending his entire life being subtly brainwashed, Azrael was activated to be the leading assassin of Saint Dumas’ holy order. A chance encounter with Batman allowed Valley to leave the order and become a true fighter for justice. Jean-Paul spent a short time training with Batman and got the opportunity of his life after Bruce was crushed by Bane in the events of ‘Batman: Knightfall’. Valley took the responsibility seriously, but felt that Bruce was too lenient with criminals. In the end, Azrael continued to make decisions that were inappropriate for someone wearing the cap.

Jean-Paul brought a more brutal fighting style rooted in the ideas of revenge to his tenure as Batman. The holy order conditioned the valley with extremist ideals, and although he might have wanted to do good, Azrael was too damaged by the order’s work, and this drastically affected his work as Bruce’s successor. He let villains die and fought anyone who questioned his methods. It was not until Bruce Wayne had been healed that he was able to physically retire Azrael himself. Jean-Paul Valley was not prepared to take on the stress of being Batman after his mental abuse in the hands of the Order. Bruce realized so much and blamed himself for putting Jean-Paul in the box – an opinion that largely proved to be true of Valley’s later heroism. The whole experience was a lesson to readers that Batman is not easy to replace and that anyone who wants to step in must be able to deal with stress and trust that others will help guide them.

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Jim Gordon did not attempt to copy Bruce Wayne

Jim Gordon has long been Batman’s ally, the two see themselves on the same mission to make Gotham more secure. But after an explosive confrontation with the Joker, Dark Knight had suddenly disappeared and suffered from memory loss that robbed the city of its awake protector. At the events of ‘Superheavy’, city officials decided that the best solution to fill the void was to have a Batman that worked to Gotham, rather than just in it. Jim Gordon, one of the best the GCPD has to offer, was selected to protect and serve the city in this capacity. While a more noble choice to defend Gotham than Azrael, Gordon quickly learned why someone like Batman can not operate in Gotham’s police system.

Even with his initial concerns, Gordon adapted to the role well and kept the legacy of Batman alive while learning a thing or two about the larger superhero community. The real challenge Gordon faced in his time as Gotham’s protector was to reconcile his commitment to the justice system with the actions that a vigilante like Batman must take to get the job done. With a chain of command to follow, Gordon found himself prevented from investigating crimes associated with a deadly new villain, Mr. Bloom, and the resulting passivity led to a devastating attack on Gotham.

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Many fans were outraged at the idea of ​​chain-smoking Police Commissioner Jim Gordon becoming Batman, but the story did a commendable job of pointing out that he was a former Marine equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the Project Batman exo suit, which was capable to act independently and gave him a sidekick that put Robin to shame (even though fans did the nickname “Bat rabbit” due to its pronounced ‘ears.’)

Jim Gordon is a good man and a good cop, but his time as Caped Crusader showed that he is more efficient at work with Batman end as Batman. Gordon believes in the system and he knows that a city like Gotham needs people like him to keep it honest. Gordon acknowledged that the relationship between the GCPD and Batman can only work when both parties act independently, and was more than happy to let Bruce take back his role. History has shown that being a Batman is not just about having the technology and the skills, but the total obligation to face evil at all costs.

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Dick Grayson kept the legacy alive (twice)

Dick Grayson becomes Batman.

Very few people have been part of Batman’s war on crime for as long as Dick Grayson. As the Dark Knights original Robin, he has seen Bruce at his best and worst. And while he may have left his role to become his own hero, Nightwing, he has repeatedly shown that he understands the seriousness of someone taking on the role of Batman. When Azrael was removed from his post, Bruce asked Dick to take his place. Dick had a lot to do with Azrael, who defiled the Batman name, and Two-Face wreaked havoc on Gotham. But Dick took up the challenge and kept the city safe until Bruce was able to return.

Unfortunately, this was not the only time Dick was called up. After Batman’s presumed death in Final crisis, Dick had to put the cap back on. Unlike the last time Dick was asked to replace Bruce, Dick had to make the choice to become Batman because of a wave of crime caused by the insidious Dr. Hurts input. He also needed to give a guiding hand to Bruce’s son, Damian, who needed a positive role model without Bruce nearby. And once again, Dick Gotham kept safe until Bruces returns. Bruce even left Dick to continue serving as Gotham’s Batman while taking his global operation at Batman Inc.

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Dick’s success as Batman was not a stroke of luck. Unlike Azrael, Dick had a support system in his family, friends, and mentors that assured him that he did not have to bear the burden of Batman alone. Where Gordon was limited by the very system he loved, Dick gave up his independent identity to serve a greater good. It is Dick Grayson’s ability to connect with others and his drive to do what is necessary that made him the best Batman since Bruce Wayne.

Batman is one of the greatest symbols of justice in DCU, but Bruce Wayne is a man. Despite Batman’s achievements in pushing his body far beyond human limits, he has shown that even he is vulnerable, whether he has broken his back or memory loss. Of the few people who responded to the call to become the new Dark Knight, only Dick was able to complete and not miss a step, which resulted in him being asked to take on the cap. several times, unlike Azrael and Gordon. There is no competition to compare with Azrael and Jim Gordon, Natvinge is by far the best temporary Batman.

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