Who will play Wolverine in MCU? We have some ideas.


With X men signing up for the MCU shortly, fans would like to know who might have a chance to play wolverine. Although there is no specific release window for the mutants, both Kevin Feige and Disney have said that it is not far away, which makes fans wonder who is going to play their favorite characters.

In the original X men trilogy, Logan was played by the Aussie hugh Jackman. Now the reboot is on its way and it’s time for us to introduce our top 5 actors to play the rebooted Wolverine.

5. Charlie Hunnam


From Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim, Charlie Hunnam has proven to be a talented actor who is versed across many genres including television, independent film and blockbusters. With his perfect anxiety, scam and light-hearted appearance, Hunnam would clearly be a clear choice for Wolverine. In fact, some newer fan art perfect depicts him as the itchy mutant.

4. Henry Cavill

henry cavill mission impossible

Yes, he’s Superman, and yes, he could possibly play Captain Great Britain, but should MCU ever look to cast him as Wolverine, then we know he can get a great beard and give an even better punch. And with Superman being rumored to be recast in the DCEU, perhaps Cavill can find their way over to the MCU sooner rather than later.

3. Scott Eastwood

Scott is probably better known as the son of legendary Clint Eastwood, but he has already made his mark on Hollywood and is fast becoming a leading man. Could the somewhat unknown actor make his big mark as Wolverine? Well, fans seem to think so, like of art of the actor as Logan has already started getting around and we have to say we are not mad about it.

2. Taron Egerton

A somewhat still unknown actor who, as only 32 years old, has built up a good CV from his nominated performance for Rocket man to his well-known role in KingsmanEgerton’s youthfulness could bring a new bid for Wolverine and by doing so could re-establish its history of origin. Plus he has expressed interest in playing Wolverine, the role was ever to be recast.

1. Keanu Reeves

Does Keanu need an introduction at all? Everyone loves him and everyone knows he’s an action king who wants to bring those acting chops too. Reeves’ talent could bring out a new side of the character that fans have yet to see, and Keanu is Canadian like Wolverine, so it’s not much of a stretch, especially since John Wick actor has previously expressed interest in join The MCU and player Logan.

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