Why Amy Hennig’s New Marvel Game Should Not Be Like Uncharted

The coming Marvel games from Skydance New Media is an exciting perspective for gamers, in part because Skydance is led by Amy Hennig, a veteran of the gaming industry who was the creative director of the early Uncharted games, and also instructed several The legacy of Cain games, including Soul Reaver 2. Hennig’s ties to the popular Uncharted franchise has led many to expect a cinematic action game with an original bid for Marvel’s heroes, but the upcoming game should distance itself from Uncharted instead of mimicking its tone if it wants to stand out from the bulk of homogenized Marvel-based media. Uncharted was a pulp fairy tale as interpreted through a modern lens, and much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows the same pattern. By stepping away from Uncharted’s pulp adventure roots while maintaining its first-class presentation, the new Skydance Marvel project can go beyond impressing gamers with its graphics and also tell a meaningful story.


A statement from Hennig following the announcement of the Skydance / Marvel collaboration included, “The Marvel universe is the epitome of all the action, mystery and excitement of the pulp adventure genre that I love, and is perfect for an interactive experience“While this is absolutely true of many formative Marvel comics and the early MCU movies, Marvel’s comics ventured beyond the pulp adventure decades ago, and MCU has begun the same shift in recent years. Early Marvel titles like Fantastic Four are archetypal “super-scientific” fairy tales, but later comics have included darker, introspective character studies, metaphors of intolerance and bigotry, and questions of proper use of power and authority. seen has moved beyond that kind of storytelling.

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The Skydance Marvel game is probably not X men, but sees the development of X men comics, as well as the rising maturity of MCU storytelling, show that pulp adventure is a fine starting point, just not an end goal. Early X men adventures were not significantly different from any other superhero team. Although the group was described as “strange”, it was not until a year after the comic that anthropologist Bolivar Trask introduced the idea that mutants should be hated and feared in the public consciousness. Over the years has X men shifted from being a “younger Avengers,” complete with FBI approval and government coordination, to being a team of refugees and refugees fighting as much against human bigotry and violence as “evil mutants.” That X men still had pulp-style adventures as they roamed the space to deal with threats to the Shi’ar empire and clashes with wizards and demons, but from the graphic novel God loves, man kills, and on, more of focus on X men became on its role as a metaphor for tolerance and diversity.

Marvel Comics is matured from simple Pulp Adventures, just like the MCU

Some rumors point to Skydance’s game Ant man or Fantastic four, both comics rooted in pulp traditions. As already customized in the MCU Ant man movies provide examples of modernized “super science” pulp, full of jokes, jokes and a self-conscious tone that provides an entertaining movie. Many of the early MCU films fall into this category of modern pulp, from the first Captain America with a focus on Nazis seeking an extra-dimensional relic, in order to Iron Man’s action-heroes scientist pulp archetype. Later, MCU movies and TV series have moved to more complex areas, such as Wandavision’s surrealistic personal horror and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier difficult questions about the crossroads between race, war and idealism.

Follow Uncharted, Naughty Dog went on the development The last of us games that captured a little bit of the graphic fidelity and cinematic presentation of Uncharted, along with more grounded and complex storytelling. The last of us 2 avoided revenge conventions to show the consequences of cycles of violence and broaden players’ perspectives, instead of taking the easier path with built-in catharsis and pre-planned emotional beats. There is certainly still room in gaming and other forms of media for the simple thrills of a good pulp adventure, but this returns to a style that Marvel-based media in particular have already become oversaturated with.

Marvel’s comics grew beyond pulp adventures, as did the MCU, and Marvel-based games should do no less. Less likely (but possibly more deserving) Marvel characters that could come to Skydance’s video game adaptation include those with complex past and personal battles, in addition to the external battles featured in pulp adventures. Jessica Jones is a character who was able to pick up the pieces after a personal trauma. Characters like Sentry and Legion fight with mental illness and inner demons, making them their own worst enemies. The X-Men remains a multi-generational metaphor for accepting those who are different, even when they seem intimidating and threatening to the status quo. These offer all the possibilities with more built-in potential for powerful stories beyond a hero’s quest to stop a villain.

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The Hero Of Skydance’s Marvel game says less than the tone of their story

Daredevil Game Rumors Skydance

Other game developers, including Sony Bend, took lessons from Hennig and Uncharted. For its upcoming title, players can hope that Skydance will also learn from shifts in games and cinematic storytelling. A simple pulp hero story, presented with cinematic flair and clever writing, could definitely entertain players, but it does not break the form from what they have seen on screens for decades. Recent inventions like god of war 2018 was well received, showing that gamers may be ready for their pulp heroes to grow up with them. If Skydance can pair the presentation of the Uncharted series with the more complex stories that both recent MCU projects and modern video games have begun to embrace, then it will have a more lasting effect where a “Marvel Uncharted” would confine itself to entertainment without lasting impact.

The subject character of Skydance’s game says less about its tone than the handling of the story itself. Some rumors suggest that Skydance may be adapting to the Marvels vovehals like their game, but the handling of such a game could offer wildly different tones. A straightforward vovehals the game could play as Marvel’s Spider-Man with a different gimmick than the hero, but a story rich one vovehals the game could follow the template from the Netflix series, which drew from later vovehals comics that questioned the character’s belief, sense of justice, and dedication to the law. Although Skydance makes one Marvel games based on a property with pulp adventure roots, which Ant man or Fantastic four, there are decades of recent comics to draw ideas from that take these characters beyond their roots in straightforward pulp adventures and make their inner struggles as much a part of the story as their outer struggles.

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