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Why does the last kingdom end with season 5

Why did Netflix cancel The Last Kingdom when there is more material to customize? This is how the show can continue after the fifth series.

Why Netflix canceled The last kingdom, what makes season 5 its final season? The streaming service renewed the popular series in July 2020, but then announced that season 5 would unfortunately be the last franchise rate nine months later. Since The last kingdom does not premiere, and because there is more source material to customize, fans may be curious about Netflix’s decision.

Based on The Saxon stories novels by Bernard Cornwell, The last kingdom follows the warrior Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon), the main character in a story about the birth of England. The series’ first two seasons aired on BBC Two from 2015 to 2017, while season three aired exclusively on Netflix. Every season of The last kingdom adjusts the story lines from two books, with the fifth section focusing on Warriors of the Storm and The flame carrier. There are several books in the franchise that have yet to be adapted, so many fans were surprised that Netflix decided to cancel the show. There had been high hopes that the series could adapt every post in Cornwell’s series, and a devoted entourage was eager to continue watching The last kingdom.

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Netflix officially canceled The last kingdom April 30, 2021, but did not specify a specific reason. Given that the streaming service is notorious for not renewing popular shows after two or three seasons, the decision may not be a huge surprise for subscribers who are not fans of the show. In 2021 alone, Netflix has canceled several original productions, including UK shows such as The Duchess and The irregular. Previously critically acclaimed series such as Tuca & Bertie and OA was shortened, presumably due to low ratings – though Netflix rarely confirms or denies such things. The latter reigns cancellation shocked loyal fans and made some ask for a continuation of the series.

Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred in The Last Kingdom

The latter reigns cancellation is surprising due to its word-of-mouth popularity among Netflix viewers and the fact that Cornwell’s source material consists of 13 novels. In theory, The last kingdom should have extended to season 6 or even season 7. Netflix may feel that season 5 will provide closure for fans, and it is possible that the logistics of future productions did not make economic sense for the streaming service.

Netflix cancellation of The last kingdom does not necessarily mean that the whole novel story is not adapted. The series’ conclusion could create a film release that would presumably cover the last three of Cornwell’s books: The wolf’s war, The sword of the kings, and Warlord. The producers’ master plan could include an epic fifth series, a break for the lead roles that have been filming in Hungary since 2014, and a blockbuster Netflix movie that would correctly end Uhtred’s character arc. Whatever their plans for The last kingdom In addition to season 5, fans can start to get excited about the upcoming release of the season – the production is wrapped up for photography for the show in June 2021, which means that the release date is getting closer, that fans can be reunited with Uhtred and the series’ other characters.

The last kingdom season 5 may eventually cover the remaining source material, but it would significantly change the structural pacing compared to previous seasons, resulting in season 5 feeling rushed by comparison and perhaps leading to storytelling problems that would upset franchise fans. Most likely, Netflix will stick to their usual approach and measure critical reactions / streaming numbers before embarking on a new production, whether it is an abbreviated series or a feature film.

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