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Why Evelin’s Dream Grudges is not fair to Corey

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Evelin woke up from a bad dream about Corey and instantly became moody. Here’s why her grudge is apparently unreasonable.

Evelin Villegas of 90 days fiancé: The other way has said and done a lot of questionable things to her husband Corey Rathgeber, and she recently nurtured a grudge against him after a particularly heated dream. Corey and Evelin are far from a fan-favorite couple from 90 days engaged franchise, and although Corey gets his fair share of criticism, fans are also very judgmental of Evelin. She does not always deserve the hatred that comes to her, but when she gets mad at Corey based on a dream, Evelin seems more unreasonable than ever.

Corey and Evelin have had several breaks and make-up over the years, and this season off The other way, Corey has tried to win Evelin back. She felt hurt after having an affair with a woman named Jenny while they were on break, and Evelin has struggled to forgive Corey all season. The couple has come a long way towards repairing their relationship, and Corey and Evelin were recently re-engaged as a way to demonstrate their commitment to each other. In a recent section of The other way, they were on their way to meet a wedding planner, but Corey’s good vibes were dampened by Evelin’s mood.


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Evelin did not hold back from saying she was annoyed with Corey at that moment, explaining that it was all due to her dream from the night before. She said in her dream that she saw “the JennyAnd began beating her repeatedly before turning her slapping attention to Corey. Evelin said she hit him so hard that it made her wake up from the dream in a terrible mood. “I can not even do anything right, even in your dreams, ”Corey joked, even though Evelin did not correct him. This could just be another one of Evelin’s mind games, but if she’s really letting her dreams dictate her mood that way, then it’s not fair to Corey.

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The problem with Evelin’s dream nag is that Corey did nothing new that was wrong. The dream was about his past transgressions, which Evelin said she had forgiven him for. The fact that Evelin was still so affected by such a dream indicates that she is not over what happened between Corey and Jenny. Evelin may say she’s ready to move on, but her behavior and mercury-like mood suggest she’s more hung up on Corey’s past than she’s aware of. It may be that Evelin’s subconscious is looking for reasons to get divorced from Corey, which may even affect her when she’s awake.

Lots of people have had dreams that make them feel a certain way, even after they wake up, but Evelin’s mood swings after the dream seem to have lasted well into the morning. Whose 90 days fiancé: The other way the star can not control her subconscious, Evelin’s dreams will continue to affect her real relationship with Corey. If Evelin really is not ready to move on, she must be honest about it, otherwise her dreams will definitely remain worrying.

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