Why fans love Amy’s whimsical pearl craftsmanship

1000-lb Sisters fans love the craft Amy Slaton has posted on Instagram. Amy shares keychains with pearls and is apparently working on a big project.

Amy Slaton earns most of her money as a star in 1000-lb sisters, but the TV personality has also thrown himself into creative ventures such as the sale of handicrafts. Amy’s demonstrated his artistic side in his makeup and fashion hobbies, but the entertainer has also connected with fans through his craft with pearls. From her followers’ enthusiasm for her amazing projects to the current status of Amy’s merchandise, here’s everything there is to know about 1000-lb sisters the craft of the star.

Before Amy and her sister Tammy Slaton secured their reality series, the sister couple were prominent content creators on YouTube. On the video sharing platform, Amy and Tammy shared brief insights into their daily lives and a series of tutorials. From makeup looks to arts and crafts videos, viewers supported the Slaton sisters’ creative endeavors before they even appeared on reality TV. While Amy has not expressed her artistic side on 1000-lb sisters As is often the case, the reality star’s Instagram shows that Amy has kept pace with her ability to craft. Although most of Amy’s fans follow her to see the latest updates on her weight loss journey and family drama, the TV personality’s audience embraced 1000-lb sisters star pearl of the wholehearted.


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Amy’s shared her favorite craft on Instagram for years, but the first time the Slaton sister shared a photo of her dazzling creation with pearls was on February 2, 2021. On the photo-sharing platform, Amy posted a photo of an amazed Peter Plush. Amy wrote the caption for the photo, “Done,” and instructed fans to buy items like these through Craftsy Art. The entertainer’s fans expressed their love for Amy’s art, writing, “Very sweet craft.” Other fans were so fascinated by the craft that they wanted to buy Amy’s Winnie the Pooh product and commented, “May I have this please buy from you?” Besides Winnie the Pooh bear, Amy has made crafts with pearls of many well-known characters. After a few weeks, Amy shared a craft by Disney mascot Mickey Mouse on Instagram. Even more fans were eager to buy this pearl design, as one fan remarked, “this [is] how your bills are paid. ”

In addition to recreating iconic cartoon characters, Amy has created some more intricate designs, including peacocks and skulls. On February 18, Amy shared a picture of a lively pearl skull, which she wrote, “Finally finished the skull keychains.” Amy’s post received 3,270 likes and dozens of comments praising the reality star’s work. And fan was excited, “Amy, I love all your skull keychains! Keep making the skull ones, they’re really popular here!” Unfortunately, Amy has not given up on her craft passion since February. Not only are Amy’s handmade works of art inaccessible, but also 1000-lb sisters star’s followers claim they can not find the products through the manufacturer Amy on the list. The last glimpse of the TV personality’s artistic endeavors was a picture of a peacock keychain, which Amy mysteriously wrote, “Now is the time to start a bigger project.” Amy has not told what her major project is, but fans are waiting with bated breath.

Amy is best known for entertaining viewers 1000-lb sisters, but the reality star also has a devoted fan base for his arts and crafts talent. From her Mickey Mouse pieces to her peacock keychains, Amy’s Instagram followers ate up her creations and are desperate for more. Unfortunately 1000-lb sisters the star is probably too busy looking after his sister and his little boy to get back to the craft table soon.

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