Why Gossip Girl Restart Does Not Work (It Must Be Worse)

The new Gossip Girl reboot has not picked up speed like the original in the early 2000s, and that may be because it lacks bite from its predecessor.

That Gossip Girl restart must be worse, otherwise it risks going down as a failure for HBO Max. The first part of Gossip Girl season 1 premiered over the summer to mediocre reviews despite being on paper in every way an update of its predecessor. The series, which took place in a post-COVID world, had the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the Upper East Side elite in a way that had not been done before. When the original Gossip Girl was released, social media was still on the rise, but now platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are fully integrated into the lives of today’s teens. Despite these benefits, however, the first part of season 1 is considered a downturn for a somewhat surprising reason.


Like the original, Gossip Girl follows a group of teens attending Constance Billard, a private school in New York City. The first episode of the reboot introduced one of Gossip Girl‘s biggest twists – this time the audience knows from the beginning who the titular gossip is and it’s none other than the teachers of Constance. other than that Gossip Girl reboot was more diverse than ever and reflected the real landscape of New York by having colored people as protagonists and exploring the spectrum of LGBTQ + identity. Yet it is clear that something is missing.

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To succeed, the new Gossip Girl must be more vicious, something the original series never veered away from. Original backstabbing and power play Gossip Girl was front-and-center, but the new iteration focuses instead on the relationship between Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander) and Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak), two half-sisters who deal with barbs and then quickly apologize to each other at least every other episode. While the major Gossip Girl revealing helps the show avoid the original stories, but it still feels hollow. However, there is a show that it could take a page from in the evil game book.

Starring from the Gossip Girl 2021 reboot sitting on stairs in New York

Succession, HBO’s second drama about mega-wealthy, power-hungry sycophants, is the perfect example of how to lower the rich without being tone deaf. The whole point of the show is that the characters in Succession are not good people and will probably never be. That Gossip Girl reboot is too focused on making the Upper East Siders nice that it completely misses the point with the show and has the potential to sink it into action with its second season. This does not mean that all the characters in Gossip Girl must be evil. Succession have several characters operating with good intentions, but their very circumstances force them to make decisions that go against their ideals.

Operating within this moral gray area could help lift Gossip Girl restart to another level. With no clear villain and no one to mess with, it feels like the show is stepping into the water while deciding what it wants to be. Update Gossip Girl for a more forward-thinking generation was never the wrong move, but depriving it of its fangs makes its bite so much duller. Fortunately, HBO has the opportunity to rectify that – not just will Gossip Girl reportedly incorporates several cameos of previous characters, but it also has a season 2 on the horizon. Whether the show listens to the call from its premises or not will determine whether or not Gossip Girl reboot can build on its predecessor or go down as just another one of the many failed TV reboots in the last decade.

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