Why Jo & Links teased Happy Ending is perfect

The two have shared one of the healthiest friendships on the ABC show, but the future may store a potentially romantic relationship with them.

Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack) share one of the best friendships of recent seasons of grey’s Anatomy has produced, but the show may have hinted at something more between them with season 18 episode 7’s recently released trailer. When Link had started at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital in season 15 and had met Jo by chance, their reunion was as surprising as it was gratifying. Over the last three seasons, viewers have seen Jo and Link be there for each other steadfastly through thick and thin.

When Jo came home crushed after meeting his biological mother, it was Link who knew how to support her. He was not trying to get her to get better, and he was not trying to get her to do things; he was just there, with her at her and Alex’s house, washing her laundry and was there for her. When Link and Amelia broke up when he wanted to marry her while she did not, he went to live with Jo, the two took care of their respective children, Scout and Luna.


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Their deep friendship has been one of the funniest things that has come out of recent seasons grey’s Anatomy, and in the past there were rumors that they might have become an object. At the time, Jo had just been left behind by Alex and was single, while Link was having trouble with Amelia when she had told him that their baby might not be his. Amelia and Link’s relationship continued then, but with it now over, and with grey’s Anatomy season 18, episode 7’s trailer that shows Link revealing to Jo that he was in love with her, things can unfold differently, leading to their perfect ending.

Grays Anatomy Jo and Link romance

A potentially romantic relationship between the two would make sense, not only for how important they have always been to each other, but also because they seem to both really want a family. Jo and Link share a similar path of becoming parents: they were against it at first, terrified of anything that could have gone wrong. After talking to their partners at the time, they became more accustomed to the idea, and when they met their newborn, they realized how much they loved them and would have been there for them.

Jo and Link were ready to start a family with their partners, but when Amelia left Link and Alex chose her family with Izzie over Jo, in the beginning of grey’s Anatomy season 18, they were both abruptly left to deal with the reality they could not share that part of life with their chosen partners. The two of them have struggled with the struggles of being single parents who work and have a lot on their plate at the moment. Nevertheless, Jo and Link’s potential romantic relationship would lay its foundation on the already deep bond they share, and could certainly be the one relationship that ends up working for both of them along with their happy to the end of their days.

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