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Will DC Comics bring us more Raven content? – Daily Film

Who doesn’t love DC Comics Raven? Powerful, witty and dark, this character has been feeding our goth souls for years. DC Comics Raven is one of the founders of the New Teen Titans and has graced our comic book pages since 1980 in DC Comics Present # 26.

DC Comics The Raven is certainly nothing to sniff at, in terms of power. Her powers include, but are not limited to: magic, emotional manipulation, psychic power, shadow manipulation, supernatural knowledge, telekinesis, teleportation, escape, and a healing factor. Move over Doctor Strange, right? No wonder more people want more of the DC comics Raven and luckily get it with even more on the way.

Of course, such a beloved character with such a large skill set has quite a few fans. These fans, of course, go to Twitter to show their love for such an iconic character. We teleported through the threads to find more information about Raven’s recent appearances and reactions to the character from her adventures over the years. Join Teen Titans as we dive into the latest news about DC Comics Raven.

Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven

If there is one ship that is iconic for DC, it is the Beast Boy & Raven. This lovable dynamic is given new life in the latest graphic novel by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo, which made it fantastic Teen Titans: Raven graphic novel.

After the events of the last book, readers finally get the reunion they’ve been waiting for when Beast Boy & Raven meet in Nashville to talk to suicide legend, Slade Wilson. He’s trying to figure out her powers, she’s trying to destroy her demon father. But do the two get more out of their journey than that? Could they find love at all?

The graphic novel will be published this month on the 28th, but currently accepts pre-orders. But if you need some good Raven content right away, don’t worry. DC has you covered.

Teen Titans Academy # 1 & # 2

While not a Raven-exclusive book, our favorite goth girl appears alongside other iconic titans when they return to school. With heroes like Shazam, Batman enthusiasts, and the child soon to become Red X, this school certainly has a dramatic level.

Raven himself shows up as a teacher along with other iconic Titans, of course Nightwing, Cyborg and Beast Boy, of course. The team must find out if disguise as the new Red X as Ravn itself deals with the dark secret for her new student, Dane. It’s a fun, action-packed series that will leave you speechless.

Both comics are available now and are currently being written by Tim Sheridan, with art by Rafa Sandoval. If you need more Raven content, this is the series for you. Of course, if you need other fans to talk to about these amazing books, look no further.

Twitter loves Raven

This beloved character is of course everywhere on Twitter, where many recall some of her funniest moments as well as show their love with great art. Reactions to Raven include:

They are both afraid of emotions, yet capture emotions for each other; therefore, they are an OTP.

Yes, she did, but to be fair, she was obsessed. . . .

She. . . . . do not really know how to do it with friends. . . .

Why are you all so talented ?!

We can not wait until October either! More Raven content, let’s go. . . . !

Do you have any other great recommendations for fans of DC Comics Raven? Write them below in the comments before Trigon returns!

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