Woman accused of camping in front of business in southern Austin arrested

AUSTIN (KXAN) – A woman was arrested Saturday after Austin police said she refused to get up from the ground in a shopping mall in South Austin, in addition to scratching one of the officers.

According to an arrest warrant, Simone Nicole Griffith, 26, was seen camping / sleeping next to the Carousel Pediatrics-Springdale building in the US 183 area and Manor Road on Oct. 30 around 6 p.m. 17.15

The APD reports a criminal notice about the intrusion was issued by a security guard to the complex, but Griffith still refused to leave. The responding officer says she still refused to get up and cursed aggressively, saying “Shut up, I’m not doing anything. I know m —– f —– g-law, b—-!” The officer says because of her behavior that he called for another unit to report to the scene.

The officer says he indicated to Griffith that she had been arrested, and she said, “No, I’m not. I do not have to stand up for you. You are not the law, b—-.”

When further help arrived, the officer says he and another officer tried to get Griffith off the ground, but she would not. The officer says at this point that they tried to handcuff her while she was lying on the ground, but she pulled her hands away and slapped and scratched his face.

“[We] continued to tell [Griffith] not to resist, but she kept fighting, ”the statement said.

The officer says this continued until she was handcuffed while lying on her stomach.

The statement claims that officers “eventually had to use force to apprehend her, even though Nicole had already been informed that she had been arrested.”

In the statement, he claims that Griffith’s scratches resulted in a 1/2 inch bloody laceration on the left side of my cheek, in addition to kicking my torso / hip area. ”

Griffith is charged with misdemeanor arrest.

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