Woman seen addressing parents offering to ‘buy’ their children in Cardiff city center

A woman has been seen approaching parents and offering them money to buy their children.

Several parents have reported being contacted by a woman, sometimes accompanied by others, in Cardiff. Each person tells that the woman took an interest in their children and offered to “buy” them for £ 1.

South Wales police said officers were involved in a report of a woman approaching a mother and her young child in central Cardiff on Friday 19 November, and are aware of a number of similar incidents reported by others on social media.

A spokesman said the woman has been identified and although officers understand this is about behavior, no offenses have been committed.

They added: “We are grateful that this case has been reported and we want to assure the community that appropriate safeguards are being taken.”

Fern Richards, 23, who is from the Cardiff area, took his daughter to the city center on Friday 19 November, for what was supposed to be a Christmas shopping day.

The mother said she was breastfeeding her daughter outside a store when a woman told her to be careful as a woman had been close behind her looking at the baby.

The city has been busier up until Christmas

Fern said, “She said there was a lady right behind me – right next to my daughter.

“She said, ‘take a look, as she’s just come to me.’

“I continued to breastfeed my daughter, and there was a gentleman on my right and one on my left.”

She said the woman then took a coin out of her pocket, looked at her daughter and said, “£ 1 for her – I take her – she is beautiful.”

Fern said she noticed two police officers nearby, so she went over to tell them what had happened.

Catherine Jane Duggan, 31, was also in the city center on Friday when a woman approached her and asked about her baby.

The mother said she had left Primark because she was a little warm and embarrassed when the woman started asking about her baby.

Catherine said, “She came right up to me and asked if the baby is newborn. Obviously my baby is not newborn.

“She would buy my baby from me. She would buy my baby for £ 1.

“I said ‘are you serious?’ and she said ‘yes’.

“She kept getting closer to the baby.”

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Catherine said she was aware she was approaching another woman the same day and she has been receiving lots of messages since she wrote about the incident on Facebook.

She said people have shared stories of similar experiences.

“Since I posted, a lot of people have been telling the same kind of stories, especially on the weekends,” she added.

A recent incident took place on Sunday when Georgia Davies, 22, said a group of women were interested in her baby at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland attraction.

She was standing near an amusement with her partner’s mother as other members of her family were on tour when she was approached by the group.

Georgia said, “I was holding (my baby) and dancing on the ride.

“This group of women approached us and took an interest in my daughter and started talking, but they only talked to my daughter.

“This one woman fell backwards. The others just spread out everywhere.”

Georgia said she was instantly a bit tired as she had already seen posts circulating on Facebook about people with children being contacted by a woman.

“She said she wanted a picture with her,” she said.

“Then she started holding her hand.”

Georgia said the woman would hold her, but they told her she would only go to her mother.

Eventually the woman just stopped and left, but it made the young mother feel shaken.

When asked about the problem, South Wales Police said: “On the afternoon of Friday 19 November, officers participated in a report of a woman approaching a mother and her young child in the center of Cardiff.

“The woman has been identified and although we understand that it was about behavior, no offenses have been committed.

“The mother has confirmed that there was no attempt to harm or take her child. We are aware of reports on social media of similar incidents.

“We are grateful that this case has been reported and we want to assure the community that appropriate safeguards are being taken.

“South Wales Police continue to work closely with Cardiff Council and the voluntary sector to support vulnerable people. ”

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