Wonder Woman transforms into disgusting new form in DC vs Vampires Art

In a variant of the cover for DC vs. Vampires # 4 by Francesco Mattina gives Wonder Woman a disgusting new look, suggesting she will soon be undead.

In a Francesco Mattina variant cover for DC vs. Vampires # 4, wonder Woman gets a disgusting new shape. The cover is sought as a “card stock variant” to be released on January 25th. The edition is written by Matthew Rosenberg and James Tynion IV with interior art by Otto Schmidt, who also illustrated the standard cover.

DC vs. vampires has already released two issues, and the plot is pretty much exactly what the title describes. The story begins as the leader of the vampires, Mary, Queen of Blood, is killed, triggering a vampire plan to take over the world. The attack is akin to an invasion as various heroes and villains from across the DC universe turn into vampires one at a time without those around them knowing it. So far, Batman and his allies are preparing for war, while Green Arrow is on its own hunt for those who have already been defeated.


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Wonder Woman has not yet been seen in any of the numbers, but if Mattina’s gruesome cover is any indication, she’s likely to be renewed by number 4 if she has not already been. With pearly red eyes, Wonder Woman has a Nosferatu-like appearance with two front fangs, deathly pale skin and blood around the chin and chest. She comes out of a coffin that has her emblem on, while a swarm of bats also flies out. Whether these bats refer to Batman or have a more direct connection to Wonder Woman’s vampire character is unknown at this time.

So far, the only major hero that has been flipped in the series is Green Lantern. His vampiric (and no doubt evil) nature has allowed readers to see what Hal Jordan would be like if his powers were fully released. The most heinous thing he has done was to make a blood cocktail of Zan in a lightly constructed blender. Hal wanted to beat The Flash, but his mysterious master felt that a vampire craft would be too thirsty for blood, leading to genocide.

Whether a vampire Wonder Woman would be stronger or more cunning than the vampire Green Lantern is up for debate. If the cover is any indication, vampire Wonder Woman would be much more monstrous in nature than any of the other vampire readers have seen so far. Since Green Lantern has complete control over his powers, it is natural that Wonder Woman would too. Hopefully that is the case, as the idea of ​​a vampire wonder Woman having control over the Lasso of Truth is really scary.

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